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2018Lead time prediction in a flow-shop environment with analytical and machine learning approaches
Gyulai, Dávid; Pfeiffer, András; Gábor, Nick; Gallina, Viola; Sihn, Wilfried; Monostori, László
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2017Industry 4.0: Mining physical defects in production of surface-mount devices
Tavakolizadeh, Farshid; Carvajal Soto, José Ángel; Gyulai, Dávid; Beecks, Christian
Conference Paper
2014Capacity management for assembly systems with dedicated and reconfigurable resources
Gyulai, Dávid; Kádár, Botond; Kovács, András; Monostori, László
Journal Article
2012Matching demand and system structure in reconfigurable assembly systems
Gyulai, Dávid; Vén, Zoltán; Pfeiffer, András; Váncza, József; Monostori, László
Conference Paper
2012Uniform Data Structure for Production Simulation
Popovics, Gergely; Kardos, Csaba; Kemény, Lorinc; Gyulai, Dávid; Monostori, László
Conference Paper