Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Postharvest biology and technology of apple
Gul, K.; Mir, N.A.; Singh, P.; Wani, A.A.
Book Article
2017Testing glass as a food packaging material
Gul, Khalid; Wani, Haroon Maqbool; Singh, Preeti; Wani, Idrees Ahmed; Wani, Ali Abas
Book Article
2016Health Benefits of Anthocyanins and Their Encapsulation for Potential Use in Food Systems: A Review
Yousuf, B.; Gul, K.; Wani, A.A.; Singh, P.
Journal Article
2015Rice bran: Nutritional values and its emerging potential for development of functional food - A review
Gul, K.; Yousuf, B.; Singh, A.K.; Singh, P.; Wani, A.A.
Journal Article
2015Safety of Meat and Poultry
Gul, K.; Singh, P.; Wani, A.A.
Book Article
2014Sweet cherry (Prunus avium): Critical factors affecting the composition and shelf life
Wani, Ali Abas; Singh, Preeti; Gul, Khalid; Wani, Muzamil Habib; Langowski, Horst-Christian
Journal Article
2012Rice starch diversity: Effects on structural, morphological, thermal, and physicochemical properties
Wani, Ali Abas; Singh, Preeti; Shah, Manzoor Ahmad; Schweiggert-Weisz, Ute; Gul, Khalid; Wani, Idrees Ahmed
Journal Article