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2017A rapid laser probing method facilitates the non-invasive and contact-free determination of leaf thermal properties
Buyel, J.F.; Gruchow, H.M.; Wehner, M.
Journal Article
2016Determination of the thermal properties of leaves by non-invasive contact-free laser probing
Buyel, J.F.; Gruchow, H.M.; Tödter, N.; Wehner, M.
Journal Article
2015Depth filters containing diatomite achieve more efficient particle retention than filters solely containing cellulose fibers
Buyel, J.F.; Gruchow, H.M.; Fischer, R.
Journal Article
2014Rational design of a host cell protein heat precipitation step simplifies the subsequent purification of recombinant proteins from tobacco
Buyel, J.F.; Gruchow, H.M.; Boes, A.; Fischer, R.
Journal Article