Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Rapid screening of CO oxidation catalysts using optical calorimetry
Wegner, Karl; Wöllner, Michelle; Zippel, Rene; Medicus, Maximilian; Schade, Elke; Grothe, Julia; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2017Solvothermal synthesis of a bismuth/zinc mixed oxide material for H2S removal at room temperature: Synthesis, performance, characterization and regeneration ability
Sandra, Fabien; Schade, Elke; Leistner, Matthias; Grothe, Julia; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2016Crystallographic insights into (CH3NH3)3(Bi2I9): A new lead-free hybrid organic-inorganic material as a potential absorber for photovoltaics
Eckhardt, Kai; Bon, Volodymyr; Getzschmann, Jürgen; Grothe, Julia; Wisser, Florian M.; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2016High area capacity lithium-sulfur full-cell battery with prelitiathed silicon nanowire-carbon anodes for long cycling stability
Krause, Andreas; Dörfler, Susanne; Piwko, Markus; Wisser, Florian M.; Jaumann, Tony; Ahrens, Eike; Giebeler, Lars; Althues, Holger; Schädlich, Stefan; Grothe, Julia; Jeffery, Andrea; Grube, Matthias; Brückner, Jan; Martin, Jan; Eckert, Jürgen; Kaskel, Stefan; Mikolajick, Thomas; Weber, Walter M.
Journal Article
2016Hopcalite nanoparticle catalysts with high water vapour stability for catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide
Biemelt, Tim; Wegner, K.; Teichert, J.; Lohe, Martin R.; Martin, Jan; Grothe, Julia; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2016Nanoporous polymers as highly sensitive functional material in chemiresistive gas sensors
Wisser, Florian M.; Grothe, Julia; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2016SubITO - Entwicklung eines Schichttransferverfahrens für die Substitution von Zinnoxid (FTO) in leitfähigen, transparenten Polymerfolien
Abendroth, Thomas; Althues, Holger; Glawe, Andrea; Bornemann, Steffen; Kalio, Rene; Schubert, Werner; Grothe, Julia; Wisser, Michael
Book Article
2015Biological Chitin-MOF composites with hierarchical pore systems for air-filtration applications
Wisser, Dorothea; Wisser, Florian M.; Raschke, Silvia; Klein, Nicole; Leistner, Matthias; Grothe, Julia; Brunner, Eike; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Mechanical reinforcement of copper films with ceramic nanoparticles
Leifert, Annika; Mohamed-Noriega, Nasser; Meier, Andreas; Mondin, Giovanni; Dörfler, Susanne; Grothe, Julia; Kaskel, Stefan; Schumm, Benjamin; Nowka, Christian; Hampel, Silke; Cuéllar, Enrique López
Conference Paper
2015Precursor strategies for metallic nano- and micropatterns using soft lithography
Wisser, Florian M.; Schumm, Benjamin; Mondin, Giovanni; Grothe, Julia; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Speeding up chemisorption analysis by direct IR-heat-release measurements (infrasorp technology): A screening alternative to breakthrough measurements
Sandra, Fabien; Klein, Nicole; Leistner, Matthias; Lohe, Martin R.; Benusch, Matthias; Wöllner, Michelle; Grothe, Julia; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Stability and performance of heterogeneous anode assemblies of silicon nanowires on carbon meshes for lithium-sulfur battery applications
Krause, Andreas; Brückner, Jan; Dörfler, Susanne; Wisser, Florian M.; Althues, Holger; Grube, Matthias; Martin, Jan; Grothe, Julia; Mikolajick, Thomas; Weber, Walter Michael
Conference Paper