Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2010Spectroscopic study of organic coatings on fine particles, exposed to ozone and simulated sunlight
Nieto-Gligorovski, L.I.; Net, S.; Gligorovski, S.; Wortham, H.; Grothe, H.; Zetzsch, C.
Journal Article
2009Direct deposition of aerosol particles on an ATR crystal for FTIR spectroscopy using an electrostatic precipitator
Ofner, J.; Kruger, H.-U.; Zetzsch, C.; Grothe, H.
Journal Article
1998High-resolution infrared fourier-transform spectroscopy and rotational constants of the v(ind 4) band of BrNO2
Orphal, J.; Frenzel, A.; Grothe, H.; Redlich, B.; Scheffler, D.; Willner, H.; Zetzsch, C.
Journal Article
1997Properties of pure nitryl bromide. Thermal behavior, UV/Vis and FTIR spectra, and photoisomerization to trans-BrONO in an Argon matrix
Scheffler, D.; Grothe, H.; Willner, H.; Frenzel, A.; Zetzsch, C.
Journal Article
1995In situ film thickness and temperature control of molecular beam epitaxy growth by pyrometric interferometry
Böbel, F.G.; Möller, H.; Hertel, B.; Grothe, H.; Schraud, G.; Schröder, S.; Chow, P.
Journal Article
1982Transmission experiments and system calculations using 1.3 my m LED.
Grothe, H.; Harth, W.; LeHiep, T.; Proebster, W.; Schneiderheinze, M.; Kersten, R.T.; Rocks, M.
Journal Article