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2016A latex metabolite benefits plant fitness under root herbivore attack
Huber, M.; Epping, J.; Gronover, C.S.; Fricke, J.; Aziz, Z.; Brillatz, T.; Swyers, M.; Köllner, T.G.; Vogel, H.; Hammerbacher, A.; Triebwasser-Freese, D.; Robert, C.A.M.; Verhoeven, K.; Preite, V.; Gershenzon, J.; Erb, M.
Journal Article
2015A rubber transferase activator is necessary for natural rubber biosynthesis in dandelion
Epping, J.; Deenen, N. van; Niephaus, E.; Stolze, A.; Fricke, J.; Huber, C.; Eisenreich, W.; Twyman, R.M.; Prüfer, D.; Gronover, C.S.
Journal Article
2014ATP citrate lyase activity is post-translationally regulated by sink strength and impacts the wax, cutin and rubber biosynthetic pathways
Xing, S.; Deenen, N. van; Magliano, P.; Frahm, L.; Forestier, E.; Nawrath, C.; Schaller, H.; Gronover, C.S.; Prüfer, D.; Poirier, Y.
Journal Article
2013A novel C-S lyase from the latex-producing plant Taraxacum brevicorniculatum displays alanine aminotransferase and L-cystine lyase activity
Munt, O.; Prüfer, D.; Gronover, C.S.
Journal Article
2012Down-regulation of small rubber particle protein expression affects integrity of rubber particles and rubber content in Taraxacum brevicorniculatum
Hillebrand, A.; Post, J.J.; Wurbs, D.; Wahler, D.; Lenders, M.; Krzyzanek, V.; Prüfer, D.; Gronover, C.S.
Journal Article
2012Laticifer-specific cis-prenyltransferase silencing affects the rubber, triterpene, and inulin content of Taraxacum brevicorniculatum
Post, J.; Deenen, N. van; Fricke, J.; Kowalski, N.; Wurbs, D.; Schaller, H.; Eisenreich, W.; Huber, C.; Twyman, R.M.; Prüfer, D.; Gronover, C.S.
Journal Article
2010Molecular cloning and characterization of rubber biosynthetic genes from taraxacum koksaghyz
Schmidt, T.; Hillebrand, A.; Wurbs, D.; Wahler, D.; Lenders, M.; Gronover, C.S.; Prüfer, D.
Journal Article