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2016Energetic Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application
: Zarko, V.E.; Gromov, A.A.
2016Nanometals: Synthesis and Application in Energetic Systems
Gromov, A.A.; Korotkikh, A.G.; Il'in, A.; DeLuca, L.T.; Arkhipov, V.A.; Monogarov, K.A.; Teipel, U.
Book Article
Zarko, V.E.; Gromov, A.A.
Book Article
2015Combustion Synthesis of AlN (Al3O3N), BN, ZrN, and TiN in Air and Ceramic Application
Gromov, A.A.; Maggi, F.; Malikova, E.V.; Pautova, J.I.; Il'in, A.P.; Popenko, E.M.; Sergienko, A.V.; Korotkikh, A.G.; Teipel, U.
Book Article
2011Interaction of powdery Al, Zr and Ti with atmospheric nitrogen and subsequent nitride formation under the metal powder combustion in air
Gromov, A.A.; Pautova, Y.I.; Lider, A.M.; Korotkikh, A.G.; Teipel, U.; Chaplina, E.V.; Sigfusson, T.I.
Journal Article
2009Stabilization of metal nanoparticles - a chemical approach
Gromov, A.A.; Strokova, Y.I.; Teipel, U.
Journal Article
2006Aluminum nanopowders produced by electrical explosion of wires and passivated by non-inert coatings: Characterisation and reactivity with air and water
Gromov, A.A.; Förter-Barth, U.; Teipel, U.
Journal Article
2006Effect of the passivating coating type, particle size, and storage time on oxidation and nitridation of aluminum powders
Gromov, A.A.; Il'in, A.P.; Foerter-Barth, U.; Teipel, U.
Journal Article