Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Impact of Postplating Annealing on Defect Activation in Boron-Doped PERC Solar Cells
Grübel, B.; Theil, G.C.; Roder, S.; Niewelt, T.; Kluska, S.
Journal Article
2020Plating for Passivated-Contact Solar Cells
Kluska, S.; Hatt, T.; Grübel, B.; Cimiotti, G.; Schmiga, C.; Arya, V.; Steinhauser, B.; Feldmann, F.; Bartsch, J.; Goraya, B.S.; Nold, S.; Brand, A.A.; Nekarda, J.; Glatthaar, M.; Glunz, S.W.
Journal Article
2019Microcharacterization of Interface Oxide Layer on Laser-Structured Silicon Surfaces of Plated Ni-Cu Solar Cells
Büchler, A.; Grübel, B.; Arya, V.; Weingärtner, T.; Hähnel, A.; Naumann, V.; Bartsch, J.; Glatthaar, M.; Kluska, S.
Journal Article
2019New Approach for a Combined Process of an Ultrafast Boron-Oxygen Defect Regeneration and Thermal Contact Treatment of Ni/Cu/Ag Plated Solar Cells
Roder, S.; Arya, V.; Mir, H.; Grübel, B.; Kluska, S.; Bay, N.; Pysch, D.; Krauß, K.; Brand, A.; Nekarda, J.
Conference Paper
2019Plated Ni/Cu/Ag for TOPCon Solar Cell Metallization
Grübel, B.; Cimiotti, G.; Arya, V.; Fellmeth, T.; Feldmann, F.; Steinhauser, B.; Kluska, S.; Kluge, T.; Landgraf, D.; Glatthaar, M.
Conference Paper
2018Large Area TOPCon Technology Achieving 23.4% Efficiency
Steinhauser, B.; Feldmann, F.; Polzin, J.-I.; Tutsch, L.; Arya, V.; Grübel, B.; Fischer, A.; Moldovan, A.; Benick, J.; Richter, A.; Brand, A.A.; Kluska, S.; Hermle, M.
Conference Paper
2017Easy plating - a simple approach to suppress parasitically metallized areas in front side Ni/Cu plated crystalline Si solar cells
Kluska, S.; Büchler, A.; Bartsch, J.; Grübel, B.; Brand, A.A.; Gutscher, S.; Cimiotti, G.; Nekarda, J.; Glatthaar, M.
Journal Article
2017Easy plating - study on contact interface properties of parasitic plating-free Ni/Cu solar cells
Grübel, B.; Büchler, A.; Kluska, S.; Bartsch, J.; Cimiotti, G.; Brand, A.A.; Glatthaar, M.
Conference Paper
2017How to Realize Solar Cells with Laser Structured Plated Ni-Cu-Contacts with Excellent Adhesion and High Fill-Factors without Parasitic Plating
Büchler, A.; Kluska, S.; Bartsch, J.; Grübel, B.; Brand, A.A.; Gutscher, S.; Glatthaar, M.
Conference Paper