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2018Femtosecond laser-induced ripple patterns for homogenous nanostructuring of pyrolytic carbon heart valve implant
Stepak, Bogusz; Dzienny, Paulina; Franke, Volker; Kunicki, Piotr; Gotszalk, Teodor; Antończak, Arkadiusz
Journal Article
2015Closed-loop surface stress compensation with an electromagnetically actuated microcantilever
Kopiec, D.; Paetko, P.; Nieradka, K.; Majstrzyk, W.; Kunicki, P.; Sierakowski, A.; Jówiak, G.; Gotszalk, T.
Journal Article
2014Design, technology, and application of integrated piezoresistive scanning thermal microscopy (SThM) microcantilever
Janus, P.; Grabiec, P.; Sierakowski, A.; Gotszalk, T.; Rudek, M.; Kopiec, D.; Majstrzyk, W.; Boetsch, G.; Koehler, B.
Conference Paper
2012Setup for measuring the resonance characteristics of high-frequency microtransducers
Maozie, G.; Nieradka, K.; Kopiec, D.; Ritz, Y.; Zschech, E.; Gotszalk, T.
Journal Article
2011A high-resolution measurement system for novel scanning thermal microscopy resistive nanoprobes
Wielgoszewski, G.; Sulecki, P.; Janus, P.; Grabiec, P.; Zschech, E.; Gotszalk, T.
Journal Article
2011Scanning thermal microscopy: A nanoprobe technique for studying the thermal properties of nanocomponents
Wielgoszewski, G.; Sulecki, P.; Gotszalk, T.; Janus, P.; Grabiec, P.; Hecker, M.; Ritz, Y.; Zschech, E.
Journal Article
2010Local anodic oxidation by atomic force microscopy for nano-Raman strain measurements on silicon-germanium thin films
Kolanek, K.; Hermann, P.; Dudek, P.T.; Gotszalk, T.; Chumakov, D.; Weisheit, M.; Hecker, M.; Zschech, E.
Journal Article
2010Microfabricated resistive high-sensitivity nanoprobe for scanning thermal microscopy
Wielgoszewski, G.; Sulecki, P.; Gotszalk, T.; Janus, P.; Szmigiel, D.; Grabiec, P.; Zschech, E.
Journal Article
2010Novel SThM nanoprobe for thermal properties investigation of micro- and nanoelectronic devices
Janus, P.; Szmigiel, D.; Weisheit, M.; Wielgoszewski, G.; Ritz, Y.; Grabiec, P.; Hecker, M.; Gotszalk, T.; Sulecki, P.; Zschech, E.
Conference Paper