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2015Protein and Peptide Composition of Male Accessory Glands of Apis mellifera Drones Investigated by Mass Spectrometry
Gorshkov, V.; Blenau, W.; Koeniger, G.; Römpp, A.; Vilcinskas, A.; Spengler, B.
Journal Article
2006Comparative analysis of tomography based on transmitted and scattered X-rays
Gorshkov, V.A.; Kröning, M.
Journal Article
2006Tomography based on detection of noncollimated backscattered radiation after single-sided photon injection
Gorshkov, V.A.; Kröning, M.; Kirilenko, K.G.
Journal Article
2005X-ray scattering tomography
Gorshkov, V.; Kröning, M.; Anosov,Y.; Dorjgochoo, O.
Journal Article