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2019Design, manufacturing and test of a highly dynamic piezo-driven metal mirror for laser material processing
Böttner, Paul; Reinlein, Claudia; Jahn, Axel; Herwig, Patrick; Goppold, Cindy; Stoffel, Daniel; Bach, Mathias
Conference Paper
2019High dynamic beam shaping by piezo driven modules for efficient and high quality laser beam cutting and welding
Jahn, Axel; Goppold, Cindy; Herwig, Patrick; Reinlein, Claudia; Böttner, Paul; Stoffel, Daniel; Bach, Mathias
Conference Paper
2019Tip-tilt piezo platform scanner qualifies dynamic beam shaping for high laser power in cutting applications
Goppold, Cindy; Herwig, Patrick; Stoffel, Daniel; Bach, Martin
Conference Paper
2018Experimental investigation of cutting performance for different material compositions of Cr/Ni-steel with 1 μm laser radiation
Goppold, Cindy; Urlau, Franz; Pinder, Thomas; Herwig, Patrick; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián
Journal Article