Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Integrated design environment for reusable modular assembly systems
Ferreira, P.; Anandan, P.D.; Pereira, I.; Hiwarkar, V.; Sayed, M.; Lohse, N.; Aguiar, S.; Gonçalves, G.; Gonçalves, J.; Bottinger, F.
Journal Article
2018Mobile-based risk assessment of diabetic retinopathy using a smartphone and adapted ophtalmoscope
Felgueiras, S.; Costa, J.; Goncalves, J.; Soares, F.
Conference Paper
2016Supervised learning for Out-of-Stock detection in panoramas of retail shelves
Rosado, Luis; Gonçalves, João; Costa, João; Ribeiro, David; Soares, Filipe
Conference Paper
2015Perspective correction of panoramic images created by parallel motion stitching
Goncalves, Joao; Ribeiro, David; Soares, Filipe
Conference Paper
2014Detonation nanodiamonds biofunctionalization and immobilization to titanium alloy surfaces as first steps towards medical application
Goncalves, J.P.L.; Shaikh, A.Q.; Reitzig, M.; Kovalenko, D.A.; Michael, J.; Beutner, R.; Cuniberti, G.; Scharnweber, D.; Opitz, J.
Journal Article
2009CATS: Context-aware triggering system for next generation networks
Simoes, J.; Goncalves, J.; Mota, T.; Magedanz, T.
Conference Paper
2009Context-aware media delivery architecture
Vassiliou, V.; Pallares, J.J.; Gonçalves, J.M.; Kreeft, P. van der; Ramati, N.
Conference Paper