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2021Partial volume correction in arterial spin labeling perfusion MRI: A method to disentangle anatomy from physiology or an analysis step too far?
Chappell, M.A.; McConnell, F.A.K.; Golay, X.; Günther, M.; Hernandez-Tamames, J.A.; Osch, M.J. van; Asllani, I.
Journal Article
2020ExploreASL: An image processing pipeline for multi-center ASL perfusion MRI studies
Mutsaerts, H.J.M.M.; Petr, J.; Groot, P.; Vandemaele, P.; Ingala, S.; Robertson, A.D.; Václavů, L.; Groote, I.; Kuijf, H.; Zelaya, F.; O'Daly, O.; Hilal, S.; Wink, A.M.; Kant, I.; Caan, M.W.A.; Morgan, C.; Bresser, J. de; Lysvik, E.; Schrantee, A.; Bjørnebekk, A.; Clement, P.; Shirzadi, Z.; Kuijer, J.P.A.; Wottschel, V.; Anazodo, U.C.; Pajkrt, D.; Richard, E.; Bokkers, R.P.H.; Reneman, L.; Masellis, M.; Günther, M.; MacIntosh, B.J.; Achten, E.; Chappell, M.A.; Osch, M.J.P. van; Golay, X.; Thomas, D.L.; Vita, E. de; Bjornerud, A.; Nederveen, A.; Hendrikse, J.; Asllani, I.; Barkhof, F.
Journal Article
2015Multi-vendor reliability of arterial spin labeling perfusion MRI using a near-identical sequence
Mutsaerts, H.J.M.M.; Osch, M.J.P. van; Zelaya, F.O.; Wang, D.J.J.; Nordhoy, W.; Wang, Y.; Wastling, S.; Fernandez-Seara, M.A.; Petersen, E.T.; Pizzini, F.B.; Fallatah, S.; Hendrikse, J.; Geier, O.; Günther, M.; Golay, X.; Nederveen, A.J.; Bjornerud, A.; Groote, I.R.
Journal Article
2015Recommended implementation of arterial spin-labeled perfusion MRI for clinical applications: A consensus of the ISMRM perfusion study group and the European Consortium for ASL in dementia
Alsop, D.C.; Detre, J.A.; Golay, X.; Günther, M.; Hendrikse, J.; Hernandez-Garcia, L.; Lu, H.; MacIntosh, B.J.; Parkes, L.M.; Smits, M.; Osch, M.J.P. van; Wang, D.J.J.; Wong, E.C.; Zaharchuk, G.
Journal Article
2012Arterial spin labelling: final steps to make it a clinical reality
Golay, X.; Guenther, M.
Journal Article
2012Magnetisation transfer effects of Q2TIPS pulses in ASL
Vita, E. de; Günther, M.; Golay, X.; Thomas, D.L.
Journal Article