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2021Genomic analysis of novel Yarrowia-like yeast symbionts associated with the carrion-feeding burying beetle Nicrophorus vespilloides
Brinkrolf, K.; Shukla, S.P.; Griep, S.; Rupp, O.; Heise, P.; Goesmann, A.; Heckel, D.G.; Vogel, H.; Vilcinskas, A.
Journal Article
2021Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis of the Tineola bisselliella Larval Gut Transcriptome Reveals Candidate Enzymes for Keratin Digestion
Schwabe, M.; Griep, S.; Schmidtberg, H.; Plarre, R.; Goesmann, A.; Vilcinskas, A.; Vogel, H.; Brinkrolf, K.
Journal Article
2019Complete genome sequence of the corallopyronin a-producing myxobacterium corallococcus coralloides B035
Bouhired, S.; Rupp, O.; Blom, J.; Schäberle, T.F.; Schiefer, A.; Kehraus, S.; Pfarr, K.; Goesmann, A.; Hoerauf, A.; König, G.
Journal Article
2018A reference genome of the Chinese hamster based on a hybrid assembly strategy
Rupp, O.; MacDonald, M.L.; Li, S.; Dhiman, H.; Polson, S.; Griep, S.; Heffner, K.; Hernandez, I.; Brinkrolf, K.; Jadhav, V.; Samoudi, M.; Hao, H.; Kingham, B.; Goesmann, A.; Betenbaugh, M.J.; Lewis, N.E.; Borth, N.; Lee, K.H.
Journal Article
2016Comparison of acceleration techniques for selected low-level bioinformatics operations
Langenkämper, D.; Jakobi, T.; Feld, D.; Jelonek, L.; Goesmann, A.; Nattkemper, T.W.
Journal Article
2016Next generation sequencing identifies five major classes of potentially therapeutic enzymes secreted by Lucilia sericata medical maggots
Franta, Z.; Vogel, H.; Lehmann, R.; Rupp, O.; Goesmann, A.; Vilcinskas, A.
Journal Article