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2011Nanocrystalline diamond nanoelectrode arrays and ensembles
Hees, J.J.; Hoffmann, R.; Kriele, A.; Smirnov, W.; Obloh, H.; Glorer, K.; Raynor, B.; Driad, R.; Yang, N.; Williams, O.A.; Nebel, C.E.
Journal Article
19940.15 mym T-gate e-beam lithography using crosslinked P/MMA/MAA developed in ortho-xylene resulting in high contrast and high plasma stability for dry etched recess gate pseudomorphic MODFETs for MMIC production
Hülsmann, A.; Mühlfriedel, E.; Raynor, B.; Glorer, K.; Bronner, W.; Köhler, K.; Schneider, J.; Braunstein, J.; Schlechtweg, M.; Tasker, P.J.; Thiede, A.; Jakobus, T.
Journal Article
1991GaAs/AlGaAs HEMT's with sub 0.5 mym gatelength written by E-beam and recessed by dry-etching for direct-coupled FET logic -DCFL-
Hülsmann, A.; Kaufel, G.; Raynor, B.; Glorer, K.H.; Olander, E.; Weismann, B.; Schneider, J.; Jakobus, T.; Koehler, K.
Conference Paper
1989Overlay precision between electron beam and optical lithography systems for a mix and match GaAs technology.
Patrick, W.; Glorer, K.; Schneider, J.
Journal Article