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2016Online platform for conducting responsible research and innovations
Ajami, M.; Grabner, L.; Giambene, G.; Le, V.; Luong, D.; Pearson, J.
Conference Paper
2014D 4.1: Observatory descriptive report
Menevidis, Zaharya; Hahne, Michael; Ajami, Mohamad; Fairweather, Ben; Smagas, Kostas; Giambene, Giovanni
: Hahne, Michael (Hrsg.); Menevidis, Zaharya (Hrsg.)
2014D2.4 Theoretical landscape - White paper
Patel, Menisha; Pearson, John; Giambene, Giovanni; Grabner, Louisa
: Menevidis, Zaharya (Hrsg.); Ajami, Mohamad (Hrsg.)
2010D3.2 - v2 VPH S&P User Requirements and ICT Challenges - integrated edition of D3.1, D3.2 and D4.1
Giambene, G.; Chini, P.; Hadzic, S.; Cox, B.; Hatzaras, K.; Menevidis, Z.; Mitrou, E.; Lange, M.; Schug, S.; Stylianidis, S.
2010Launching a framework of security and privacy in the VPH
Cox, B.; Hatzaras, K.; Giambene, G.; Chini, P.; Mitrou, L.; Stylianidis, S.; Menevidis, Z.
Chini, P.; Cox, B.; Giambene, G.; Guariglia, C.; Hadzic, S.; Hatzaras, K.; Kolios, A.; Lange, M.; Menevidis, Z.; Mitrou, L.; Smagas, K.; Tavlaki, E.
2009Road mapping technology for enhancing security to protect medical & genetic data. D6.1 RADICAL project dissemination strategy
Lange, M.; Giambene, G.; Stylianidis, S.; Smagas, K.; Chini, P.; Menevidis, Z.; Cox, B.; Tavlaki, E.; Kolios, A.
2007Cross-layer approaches for resource management
Davoli, F.; Ferro, E.; Giambene, G.; Todorova, P.; Vazquez Castro, M.A.; Vieira, F.
Book Article
2005Radio resource management across multiple protocol layers in satellite networks. A tutorial overview
Barsocchi, P.; Celandroni, N.; Davoli, F.; Ferro, E.; Giambene, G.; González Castaño, F.J.; Gotta, A.; Moreno, J.I.; Todorova, P.
Journal Article