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20173D wafer level packaging by using Cu-through silicon vias for thin MEMS accelerometer packages
Hofmann, L.; Schubert, I.; Wuensch, D.; Ecke, R.; Vogel, K.; Gottfried, K.; Reuter, D.; Rennau, M.; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.
Journal Article
2017Elektrochemische Abscheidung von Aluminium und Palladium aus ionischen Flüssigkeiten für das reaktive Waferbonden
Hertel, S.; Schröder, T.J.; Wünsch, D.; Wiemer, M.; Geßner, T.
Journal Article
2017Selective immobilization of 6HB and Tablet DNA origami Templates on microstructured surfaces by DLC and CF-polymer contrasting suitable for microfluidic integration
Hann, J.; Helke, C.; Fischer, F.; Lakatos, M.; Heerwig, A.; Nestler, J.; Meritg, M.; Gessner, T.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
20163D integration technologies for MEMS
Geßner, T.; Hofmann, L.; Wang, W.-S.; Baum, M.; Seifert, T.; Wiemer, M.; Schulz, S.
Conference Paper
2016Atomic layer deposition of ultrathin Cu2O and subsequent reduction to Cu studied by in situ x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Dhakal, D.; Assim, K.; Lang, H.; Bruener, P.; Grehl, T.; Georgi, C.; Waechtler, T.; Ecke, R.; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.
Journal Article
2016Cavity-enhanced mm-wave spectrometer with integrated SiGe front-end for oxygen concentration measurement
Wecker, J.; Kurth, S.; Mangalgiri, G.; Otto, T.; Gessner, T.; Gaitzsch, M.; Bauch, A.; Nasr, I.; Weigel, R.; Kissinger, D.; Hackner, A.; Prechtel, U.
Conference Paper
2016Competitive impact of nanotube assembly and contact electrodes on the performance of CNT-based FETs
Toader, M.; Hermann, S.; Scharfenberg, L.; Hartmann, M.; Mertig, M.; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.
Journal Article
2016Deposition of parylene C and characterization of its hermeticity for the encapsulation of MEMS and medical devices
Selbmann, F.; Baum, M.; Wiemer, M.; Gessner, T.
Conference Paper
2016Direct integration of field effect transistors as electro mechanical transducer for stress on beam structures
Haas, S.; Hafez, N.; Loebel, K.-U.; Koegel, E.; Ramsbeck, M.; Reuter, D.; Horstmann, J.T.; Gessner, T.
Conference Paper
2016Effect of cleaning procedures on the electrical properties of carbon nanotube transistors - a statistical study
Tittmann-Otto, J.; Hermann, S.; Kalbacova, J.; Hartmann, M.; Toader, M.; Rodriguez, R.D.; Schulz, S.E.; Zahn, D.R.T.; Gessner, T.
Journal Article
2016Efficient design methodology for inductive energy transmission
Büker, M.-J.; Hedayat, C.; Hilleringmann, U.; Geßner, T.
Conference Paper
2016Electroplating of neodymium iron alloys
Kurth, F.; Froemel, J.; Tanaka, S.; Esashi, M.; Gessner, T.
Conference Paper
2016Empirical transport model of strained CNT transistors used for sensor applications
Wagner, C.; Schuster, J.; Gessner, T.
Journal Article
2016Enhancement of carbon nanotube FET performance via direct synthesis of poly (sodium 4-styrenesulfonate) in the transistor channel
Toader, M.; Schubel, R.; Hartmann, M.; Scharfenberg, L.; Jordan, R.; Mertig, M.; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.; Hermann, S.
Journal Article
2016Experimental and computational studies on the role of surface functional groups in the mechanical behavior of interfaces between single-walled carbon nanotubes and metals
Hartmann, S.; Sturm, H.; Blaudeck, T.; Hölck, O.; Hermann, S.; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.; Wunderle, B.
Journal Article
2016Fabrication of a multilayer spiral coil by selective bonding, debonding and MEMS technologies
Schroeder, T.; Froemel, J.; Tanaka, S.; Gessner, T.
Conference Paper
2016A highly miniaturized two-axis acceleration sensor for implantable hemody-namic controlling system
Wünsch, Dirk; Hiller, Karla; Forke, Roman; Baum, Mario; Wiemer, Maik; Geßner, Thomas; Görtz, Michael; Weidenmüller, Jens; Dogan, Özgü
2016An in situ tensile test device for thermo-mechanical characterisation of interfaces between carbon nanotubes and metals
Hartmann, S.; Bonitz, J.; Heggen, M.; Hermann, S.; Hölck, O.; Schulz, S.E.; Gessner, T.; Wunderle, B.
Conference Paper