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2013Realization and characterization of thin single crystal Ge films on sapphire
Bogumilowicz, Y.; Abbadie, A.; Klinger, V.; Benaissa, L.; Gergaud, P.; Rouchon, D.; Maurois, C.; Lecouvey, C.; Blanc, N.; Charles-Alfred, C.; Drouin, A.; Ghyselen, B.; Wekkeli, A.; Dimroth, F.; Carron, V.
Journal Article
2012Demonstration of single crystal GaAs layers on CTE-matched substrates by the Smart Cut technology
Jouanneau, T.; Bogumilowicz, Y.; Gergaud, P.; Delaye, V.; Barnes, J.-P.; Klinger, V.; Dimroth, F.; Tauzin, A.; Ghyselen, B.; Carron, V.
Conference Paper