Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Anode recirculation and purge strategies for PEM fuel cell operation with diluted hydrogen feed gas
Steinberger, Michael; Geiling, Johannes; Öchsner, Richard; Frey, Lothar
Journal Article
2017Evaluation of a novel reactor concept for the process intensification and intelligent heat management in the hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers
Preuster, P.; Wagner, L.; Nuß, A.; Geiling, J.; Steinberger, M.; Bösmann, A.; Wasserscheid, P.
Conference Paper
2017Layout and Setup for a Conversion System of Hydrogen Exhaust Gas Streams into Electricity using a PEM Fuel Cell
Steinberger, Michael; Müller, Michael; Hoffmann, Patrick; Geiling, Johannes; Öchsner, Richard
Conference Paper
2015Setup and state based energy control of a grid-connected multipurpose hybrid hydrogen system
Steinberger, Michael; Geiling, Johannes; Öchsner, Richard
Conference Paper
2012Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in blast-exposed military veterans and a blast neurotrauma mouse model
Goldstein, L.E.; Fisher, A.M.; Tagge, C.A.; Zhang, X.-L.; Velisek, L.; Sullivan, J.A.; Upreti, C.; Kracht, J.M.; Ericsson, M.; Wojnarowicz, M.W.; Goletiani, C.J.; Maglakelidze, G.M.; Casey, N.; Moncaster, J.A.; Minaeva, O.; Moir, R.D.; Nowinski, C.J.; Stern, R.A.; Cantu, R.C.; Geiling, J.; Blusztajn, J.K.; Wolozin, B.L.; Ikezu, T.; Stein, T.D.; Budson, A.E.; Kowall, N.W.; Chargin, D.; Sharon, A.; Saman, S.; Hall, G.F.; Moss, W.C.; Cleveland, R.O.; Tanzi, R.E.; Stanton, P.K.; McKee, A.C.
Journal Article