Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Principles and applications of trans-wafer processing using a 2-µm thulium fiber laser
Mingareev, I.; Gehlich, N.; Bonhoff, T.; Abdulfattah, A.; Sincore, A.M.; Kadwani, P.; Shah, L.; Richardson, M.
Journal Article
2015Laser cutting of bone tissue under bulk water with a pulsed ps-laser at 532 nm
Tulea, C.-A.; Caron, J.; Gehlich, N.; Lenenbach, A.; Noll, R.; Loosen, P.
Journal Article
2014Examination of laser-induced heating on multi-component chalcogenide glass
Sisken, L.; Gehlich, N.; Bradford, J.; Abdulfattah, A.; Shah, L.; Richardson, M.; Richardson, K.
Conference Paper
2014High peak-power mid-infrared ZnGeP2 optical parametric oscillator pumped by a Tm:fiber master oscillator power amplifier system
Gebhardt, M.; Gaida, C.; Kadwani, P.; Sincore, A.; Gehlich, N.; Jeon, C.; Shah, L.; Richardson, M.
Journal Article
2014Post-processing of 3D-printed parts using femtosecond and picosecond laser radiation
Mingareev, I.; Gehlich, N.; Bonhoff, T.; Meiners, W.; Kelbassa, I.; Biermann, T.; Richardson, M.C.
Conference Paper
2014Thulium fiber laser and application development
Shah, L.; Gaida, C.; Gebhardt, M.; Sincore, A.; Bradford, J.D.; Gehlich, N.; Mingareev, I.; Richardson, M.
Conference Paper
2014Utilizing the transparency of semiconductors via "backside" machining with a nanosecond 2 μm Tm:fiber laser
Gehlich, N.; Bonhoff, T.; Sisken, L.; Ramme, M.; Gaida, C.; Gebhardt, M.; Mingareev, I.; Shah, L.; Richardson, M.C.
Conference Paper
2013Highly efficient nonthermal ablation of bone under bulk water with a frequency-doubled Nd:YVO4 picosecond laser
Tulea, C.; Caron, J.; Wahab, H.; Gehlich, N.; Höfer, M.; Esser, D.; Jungbluth, B.; Lenenbach, A.; Noll, R.
Conference Paper
2013Trans-wafer processing of semiconductors with nanosecond mid-ir laser radiation
Mingareev, I.; Bonhoff, T.; Gehlich, N.; El-Sherif, A.; Gaida, C.; Gebhardt, M.; Kadwani, P.; Shah, L.; Richardson, M.
Conference Paper