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2011Micromachined array-type Mirau interferometer for MEMS metrology
Gorecki, C.; Bargiel, S.; Albero, J.; Passilly, N.; Rousselot, C.; Zeitner, U.; Gastinger, K.
Conference Paper
2011Micromachined array-type Mirau interferometer for parallel inspection of MEMS
Albero, J.; Bargiel, S.; Passilly, N.; Dannberg, P.; Stumpf, M.; Zeitner, U.D.; Rousselot, C.; Gastinger, K.; Gorecki, C.
Journal Article
2011Parallel approach to MEMS and micro-optics interferometric testing
Kujawiska, M.; Beer, S.; Gastinger, K.; Gorecki, C.; Haugholt, K.H.; Józwik, M.; Lambelet, P.; Paris, R.; Styk, A.; Zeitner, U.
Conference Paper
2010Design, technology, and signal processing for DOE-based microinterferometer array applied in new generation M(O)EMS test equipment
Kujawinska, M.; Józwik, M.; Styk, A.; Zeitner, U.; Røyset, A.; Beer, S.; Moosburger, R.; Gorecki, C.; Gastinger, K.
Conference Paper
2010SMARTIEHS - A European project for parallel testing of M(O)EMS
Michael, S.; Gastinger, K.; Kujawinska, M.; Zeitner, U.; Albero, J.; Beer, S.; Moosburger, R.; Pizzi, M.
Conference Paper
2009Design of a micro-optical low coherent interferometer array for the characterisation of MEMS and MOEMS
Gastinger, K.; Haugholt, K.H.; Røyset, A.; Albero, J.; Zeitner, U.; Gorecki, C.
Conference Paper
2008Smatiehs - Smart inspection system for high speed and multifunctional testing of Mems an Moems
Gastinger, K.; Kujawinska, M.; Lovhaugen, O.; Beer, S.; Gorecki, C.; Zeitner, U.D.
Conference Paper