Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Mechanical properties of a unidirectional basalt-fiber/expoxy composite
Plappert, David; Ganzenmüller, Georg; May, Michael; Beisel, Samuel
Journal Article
2019A simple glassy polymer model
Ganzenmüller, Georg; Patil, Sankalp; Maurer, Michael; Sauer, Martin; Jung, Markus; Hiermaier, Stefan
Journal Article
2019A Split-Hopkinson Tension Bar study on the dynamic strength of basalt-fibre composites
Ganzenmüller, Georg; Plappert, David; Trippel, Antonina; Hiermaier, Stefan
Journal Article
2019Towards understanding the mechanism of fibrous texture formation during high-moisture extrusion of meat substitutes
Sandoval Murillo, José Luis; Osen, Raffael; Hiermaier, Stefan; Ganzenmüller, Georg
Journal Article
2018A constant acoustic impedance mount for sheet-type specimens in the tensile Split-Hopkinson Bar
Ganzenmüller, Georg; Langhof, Timo; Hiermaier, Stefan
Conference Paper
2018Development and validation of a meshless 3D material point method for simulating the micro-milling process
Leroch, S.; Eder, S.J.; Ganzenmüller, Georg; Murillo, L.J.S.; Rodriguez Ripoll, M.
Journal Article
2017Convergence analysis of the Affine Particle-In-Cell method and its application to the simulation of extrusion processes
Sandoval Murillo, José Luis; Ganzenmüller, Georg
Conference Paper
2017Investigation and improvement of composite T-joints with metallic arrow-pin reinforcement
Heimbs, Sebastian; Jürgens, Michael; Breu, Christoph; Ganzenmüller, Georg; Wolfrum, Johannes
Conference Paper
2017A simplified design for a Split-Hopkinson tension bar with long pulse duration
Ganzenmüller, Georg; Blaum, E.; Mohrmann, Deborah; Langhof, T.; Plappert, D.; Ledford, Noah; Paul, Hanna; Hiermaier, Stefan
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2016Design parameter study of a CFRP T-joint under overpressure conditions due to ballistic impact
Sandoval Murillo, José L.; Ganzenmüller, Georg; Heimbs, Sebastian; May, Michael
2015Investigations on specimen design and mounting for Split Hopkinson Tension Bar (SHTB) experiments
Ledford, Noah; Paul, Hanna; Ganzenmüller, Georg; May, Michael; Höfemann, Matthias; Otto, Manuel; Petrinic, Nikica
Conference Paper