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2017Si3N4/graphene nanocomposites for tribological application in aqueous environments prepared by attritor milling and hot pressing
Balázsi, C.; Fogarassy, Z.; Tapasztó, O.; Kailer, A.; Schröder, C.; Parchoviansky, M.; Galusek, D.; Dusza, J.; Balázsi, K.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2007Isothermal oxidation behaviour of a polymer-derived amorphous SI/C/N ceramic
Reschke, S.; Galusek, D.
Conference Paper
2003In situ generated homogeneous and functionally graded ceramic materials derived from polysilazane
Reschke, S.; Haluschka, C.; Riedel, R.; Lences, Z.; Galusek, D.
Journal Article
1999Dense silicon carbonitride ceramics by pyrolysis of cross-linked and warm pressed polysilazane powders
Konetschny, C.; Reschke, S.; Riedel, R.; Fasel, C.; Galusek, D.
Journal Article
1999In-situ carbon content adjustment in polymer-derived Si/C/N ceramics by reactive heat treatment
Galusek, D.; Reschke, S.; Riedel, R.
Journal Article
1999In-situ carbon content adjustment in polysilazane derived amorphous SiCN bulk ceramics
Galusek, D.; Reschke, S.; Riedel, R.; Dreßler, W.; Sajgalik, P.; Lences, Z.; Majling, J.
Journal Article
1998Si/C/N amorphous bulk ceramics by axial pressing of polyhydridomethylsilazane at elevated temperature
Galusek, D.; Riedel, R.; Reschke, S.; Konetschny, C.
Journal Article