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2015An enhanced tire model for dynamic simulation based on geometrically exact shells
Roller, Michael; Betsch, Peter; Gallrein, Axel; Linn, Joachim
Conference Paper
2015Evaluation of different modeling approaches for the tire handling simulations - analysis and results
Calabrese, F.; Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, Axel
Conference Paper
2015A Method to Combine an MBD Tire Model with a Thermo-dynamical one to improve the accuracy in the tire simulations
Calabrese, Francesco; Bäcker, Manfred; Gallrein, Axel
Conference Paper
2011Exploring new fields of virtual load prediction by accurate tire simulation for large deformations and flexible rim support
Bäcker, Manfred; Gallrein, Axel; Heim, Rüdiger
Journal Article