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2013Resource optimisation in IoT cloud systems by using matchmaking and self-management principles
Serrano, Martin; Le-Phuoc, Danh; Zaremba, Maciej; Galis, Alex; Bhiri, Sami; Hauswirth, Manfred
Conference Paper
2011Realizing autonomics for future networks
Ciavaglia, L.; Destre, C.; Nguengang, G.; Demestichas, P.; Gruber, M.; Smirnov, M.; Manzalini, A.; Alonistioti, N.; Ghamri-Doudane, S.; Galis, A.
Conference Paper
2007Management and performance of virtual and execution environments in FAIN
Becker, T.; Cheng, L.; Denazis, S.; Gabrijelcic, D.; Galis, A.; Karetsos, G.; Lazanakis, A.
Conference Paper
2007Programmable network context adaptation for content delivery services
Lai, Z.; Sokol, J.; Eckert, K.-P.; Galis, A.; Lewis, R.; Todd, C.
Conference Paper
2004Contextware research challenges in ambient networks
Karmouch, A.; Galis, A.; Giaffreda, R.; Kanter, T.; Jonsson, A.; Karlsson, A.M.; Glitho, R.; Smirnov, M.; Kleis, M.; Reichert, C.; Tan, A.; Khedr, M.; Samaan, N.; Heimo, L.; Barachi, M.E.; Dang, J.
Conference Paper
2004Dynamic deployment and configuration of differentiated services using active networks
Suzuki, T.; Kitahara, C.; Denazis, S.; Cheng, L.; Eaves, W.; Galis, A.; Becker, T.; Gabrijelcic, D.; Lazanakis, A.; Karetsos, G.
Conference Paper
2004A policy-based management architecture for flexible service deployment in active networks
Nikolakis, Y.; Magana, E.; Solarski, M.; Tan, A.; Salamanca, E.; Serrat, J.; Brou, C.; Galis, A.
Conference Paper
2004Programmable networks for IP service deployment
: Galis, Alex (Editor); Denazis, Spyros (Editor); Brou, Célestin (Editor); Klein, Cornel (Editor)
Scientific Anthology
2002SNAP based resource control for active networks
Eaves, W.; Cheng, L.; Galis, A.; Becker, T.; Suzuki, T.; Denazis, S.; Kitahara, C.
Conference Paper
2000A Flexible IP Active Networks Architecture
Galis, A.; Plattner, B.; Smith, J.M.; Denazis, S.; Moeller, E.; Guo, H.; Klein, C.; Serrat, J.; Laarhuis, J.; Karetsos, G.T.; Todd, C.
Conference Paper
2000Mobile intelligent agents in active virtual pipes support for virtual enterprises
Galis, Axel; Griffin, David; Eaves, Walter; Pavlou, George; Covaci, Stefan; Broos, Rudi
Book Article
1997Towards integrated network management for ATM and SDH networks supporting a global broadband connectivity management service
Galis, A.; Gantenbein, D.; Covaci, S.; Brianza, C.; Leone, C.; Salvatore, C.; Mykoniatis, G.; Karayanis, F.
Conference Paper
1996Multi-domain integrated network management for ATM and SDH networks
Galis, A.; Gatenbein, D.; Covaci, S.; Bianza, C.; Karayanis, F.; Mykoniatis, G.; Papachristou, E.
Conference Paper
1996Toward multidomain integrated network management for ATM and SDH networks
Galis, A.; Gantenbein, D.; Covaci, S.; Bianza, C.; Karayannis, F.; Mykoniatis, G.
Conference Paper