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2012Costs of segregation and traceability between GM and non-GM supply chains of single crop and compound food/feed products
Menrad, K.; Gabriel, A.; Bez, J.; Gylling, M.; Larsen, A.; Maciejczak, M.; Stolze, M.; Gryson, N.; Eeckhout, M.; Pensel, N.; Rocha dos Santos, R.; Messéan, A.
Book Article
2012Deformation and cracking during sintering of bimaterial components processed from ceramic and metal powder mixes. Pt.I: Experimental investigation
Largiller, G.; Bouvard, Didier; Carry, Claude Paul; Gabriel, Armand; Müller, Jean Damien; Staab, Torsten E.M.
Journal Article
2012Empirical analysis of co-existence in commodity supply chains
Gryson, N.; Eeckhout, M.; Messéan, A.; Soler, L.-G.; Lécroart, B.; Trouillier, A.; Bail, M. le; Bez, J.; Bourgier, R.; Copeland, J.; Gylling, M.; Maciejczak, M.; Megli, V.; Menrad, K.; Gabriel, A.; Stolze, M.; Tapia, C.; Ghezan, G.; Pelaez, V.; Rocha dos Santos, R.
Book Article