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2018Beyond the modification degree: impact of raw material on physicochemical properties of gelatin type A and type B methacryloyls
Sewald, Lisa; Claaßen, Christiane; Götz, Tobias; Claaßen, Marc H.; Truffault, Vincent; Tovar, Günter E.M.; Southan, Alexander; Borchers, Kirsten
Journal Article
2018Data on the synthesis and mechanical characterization of polysiloxane-based urea-elastomers prepared from amino-terminated polydimethylsiloxanes and polydimethyl-methyl-phenyl-siloxane-copolymers
Riehle, Natascha; Götz, Tobias; Kandelbauer, Andreas; Tovar, Günter; Lorenz, Günter
Journal Article
2018Influence of PDMS molecular weight on transparency and mechanical properties of soft polysiloxane-urea-elastomers for intraocular lens application
Riehle, Natascha; Thude, Sibylle; Götz, Tobias; Kandelbauer, Andreas; Thanos, Solon; Tovar, Günter; Lorenz, Günter
Journal Article
2017Investigations of a catalyst system regarding the foamability of polyurethanes for reactive inkjet printing
Schuster, Fabian; Ngako Ngamgoue, Fabrice; Götz, Tobias; Hirth, Thomas; Weber, Achim; Bach, Monika
Journal Article