Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Interferon Gamma Induces the Increase of Cell-Surface Markers (CD80/86, CD83 and MHC-II) in Splenocytes From Atlantic Salmon
Morales-Lange, B.; Ramírez-Cepeda, F.; Schmitt, P.; Guzmán, F.; Lagos, L.; Øverland, M.; Wong-Benito, V.; Imarai, M.; Fuentes, D.; Boltaña, S.; Alcaíno, J.; Soto, C.; Mercado, L.
Journal Article
2020Comparative analysis of SNP data and hybrid taxa information by using a classificatory linear mixed model to study the genetic variation and heritability of initial height growth in selected poplar hybrids
Zamudio, F.; Yanez, M.; Guerra, F.; Fuentes, D.; Gonzalez, A.
Journal Article
2019Draft Genome Sequence of Bacillus safensis RP10, Isolated from Soil in the Atacama Desert, Chile
Strahsburger, E.; Zapata, F.; Pedroso, I.; Fuentes, D.; Tapia, P.; Ponce, R.; McClelland, M.; Valdes, J.
Journal Article
2019Immune response assessment of Atlantic salmon against P. salmonis in sea-cage farming centers
Schmitt, P.; Davey, M.L.; Ramirez, F.; Morales, B.; Marshall, S.; Gayosa, J.; Fuentes, D.; Soto, M.; Reveco, E.; Alcaino, J.; Mercado, L.
Journal Article
2019KDEL receptor regulates secretion by lysosome relocation- and autophagy-dependent modulation of lipid-droplet turnover
Tapia, D.; Jimenez, T.; Zamora, C.; Espinoza, J.; Rizzo, R.; Gonzalez-Cardenas, A.; Fuentes, D.; Hernandez, S.; Cavieres, V.A.; Soza, A.; Guzman, F.; Arriagada, G.; Yuseff, M.I.; Mardones, G.A.; Burgos, P.V.; Luini, A.; Gonzalez, A.; Cancino, J.
Journal Article
2019Molecular markers associated with antigen presentation process in Atlantic salmon during outbreaks of Piscirickettsia salmonis at sea farming centers
Morales-Lange, B.; Schmitt, P.; Fuentes, D.; Olave, J.; Soto, M.; Gayosa, J.; Alcaino, J.; Mercado, L.
Journal Article
2019Multilocus sequence typing detects new Piscirickettsia salmonis hybrid genogroup in Chilean fish farms: Evidence for genetic diversity and population structure
Isla, A.; Saldarriaga-Córdoba, M.; Fuentes, D.E.; Albornoz, R.; Haussmann, D.; Mancilla-Schulz, J.; Martinez, A.; Figueroa, J.; Avendaño‐Herrera, R.; Yáñez, A.
Journal Article
2018Draft genome sequence of Exiguobacterium aurantiacum strain PN47 isolate from saline ponds, known as "Salar del Huasco", located in the Altiplano in the North of Chile
Strahsburger, E.; Zapata, F.; Pedroso, I.; Fuentes, D.; Tapia, P.; Ponce, R.; Valdes, J.
Journal Article
2018Draft genomes and reference transcriptomes extend the coding potential of the fish pathogen Piscirickettsia salmonis
Millar, A.D.; Tapia, P.; Gomez, F.A.; Marshall, S.H.; Fuentes, D.E.; Valdes, J.H.
Journal Article
2012A similarity measure between videos using alignment, graphical and speech features
Fuentes, D.; Bardeli, R.; Ortega, J.A.; Gonzalez-Abril, L.
Journal Article
2011A video similarity measure combining alignment, graphical and speech features
Fuentes, Daniel; Bardeli, Rolf; Ortega, Juan A.; González-Abril, Luis
Conference Paper