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2020Apparatus and method for source separation using an estimation and control of sound quality
Uhle, Christian; Torcoli, Matteo; Disch, Sascha; Paulus, Jouni; Herre, Jürgen; Hellmuth, Oliver; Fuchs, Harald
2019Source separation for enabling dialogue enhancement in object-based broadcast with MPEG-H
Paulus, Jouni; Torcoli, Matteo; Uhle, Christian; Herre, Jürgen; Disch, Sascha; Fuchs, Harald
Journal Article
2018The Adjustment / Satisfaction Test (A/ST) for the subjective evaluation of dialogue enhancement
Torcoli, Matteo; Herre, Jürgen; Paulus, Jouni; Uhle, Christian; Fuchs, Harald; Hellmuth, Oliver
Conference Paper
2017Building the world's most complex TV network. A test bed for broadcasting immersive and interactive audio
Bleidt, Robert; Thoma, Herbert; Fiesel, Wolfgang; Krägeloh, Stefan; Fuchs, Harald; Zeh, Rinat; DeFilippis, Jim; Weiss, Merrill
Journal Article
2015Apparatus and method for decoding an encoded audio signal to obtain modified output signals
Paulus, Jouni; Terentiv, Leon; Fuchs, Harald; Hellmuth, Oliver; Ridderbusch, Falko
2015Decoder, Encoder and Method for Informed Loudness Estimation in Object-Based Audio Coding Systems
Paulus, Jouni; Disch, Sascha; Fuchs, Harald; Grill, Bernhard; Hellmuth, Oliver; Murtaza, Adrian; Ridderbusch, Falko; Terentiv, Leon
2015MPEG-D spatial audio object coding for dialogue enhancement (SAOC-DE)
Paulus, Jouni; Herre, Juergen; Murtaza, Adrian; Terentiv, Leon; Fuchs, Harald; Disch, Sascha; Ridderbusch, Falko
Conference Paper
2015Reaction of human macrophages on protein corona covered TiO2 nanoparticles
Borgognoni, Camila F.; Mormann, Michael; Qu, Ying; Schäfer, Marcus; Langer, Klaus; Öztürk, Cengiz; Wagner, Sylvia; Chen, Chunying; Zhao, Yuliang; Fuchs, Harald; Riehemann, Kristina
Journal Article
2014Advanced clean audio solution: Dialogue enhancement
Fuchs, Harald; Oetting, Dirk
Journal Article