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2020Visual Analytics in the Aviation and Maritime Domains
Andrienko, Gennady L.; Andrienko, Natalia V.; Fuchs, Georg; Rüping, Stefan; Cordero Garcia, Jose Manuel; Scarlatti, David; Vouros, George A.; Herranz, Ricardo; Marcos, Rodrigo
Book Article
2019The datAcron Ontology for the Specification of Semantic Trajectories. Specification of Semantic Trajectories for Data Transformations Supporting Visual Analytics
Vouros, George A.; Santipantakis, Georgios M.; Doulkeridis, Christos; Vlachou, Akrivi; Andrienko, Gennady; Andrienko, Natalia; Fuchs, Georg; Cordero Garcia, Jose Manuel; Garcia Martinez, Miguel
Journal Article
2018Clustering trajectories by relevant parts for air traffic analysis
Andrienko, Gennady; Andrienko, Natalia; Fuchs, Georg; Garcia, Jose
Journal Article
2018A distributed online learning approach for pattern prediction over movement event streams with apache flink
Qadah, Ehab; Mock, Michael; Alevizos, Elias; Fuchs, Georg
Conference Paper
2015Multi-perspective analysis of mobile phone call data records: A visual analytics approach
Andrienko, Gennady; Andrienko, Natalia; Fuchs, Georg
Conference Paper
2012Scalable cluster analysis of spatial events
Peca, Iulian; Fuchs, Georg; Vrotsou, Katerina; Andrienko, Natalia; Andrienko, Gennady
Conference Paper