Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Future green chemistry and sustainability needs in polymeric coatings
Cunningham, Michael F.; Campbell, J. David; Fu, Zhenwen; Bohling, James; Leroux, J. Gary; Mabee, Warren; Robert, Tobias
Journal Article
2018Extended cleavage specificity of human neutrophil cathepsin G: A low activity protease with dual chymase and tryptase-type specificities
Thorpe, M.; Fu, Z.; Chahal, G.; Akula, S.; Kervinen, J.; Garavilla, L. de; Hellman, L.
Journal Article
2017Highly Selective Cleavage of Cytokines and Chemokines by the Human Mast Cell Chymase and Neutrophil Cathepsin G
Fu, Z.R.; Thorpe, M.; Alemayehu, R.; Roy, A.; Kervinen, J.; Garavilla, L. de; Abrink, M.; Hellman, L.
Journal Article
2017Robocasting of carbon-alumina core-shell composites using co-extrusion
Fu, Z.; Freihart, M.; Schlordt, T.; Frey, T.; Kraft, T.; Greil, P.; Travitzky, N.
Journal Article
2016Influence of the Doctor Blade Shape on Tape Casting-Comparison Between Analytical, Numerical, and Experimental Results
Polfer, P.; Fu, Z.; Breinlinger, T.; Roosen, A.; Kraft, T.
Journal Article
2015Analytical modelling of milling forces for helical end milling based on a predictive machining theory
Fu, Z.T.; Yang, W.Y.; Wang, X.L.; Leopold, J.
Journal Article
2015Correlation between anisotropic green microstructure of spherical-shaped alumina particles and their shrinkage behavior
Fu, Z.W.; Polfer, P.; Kraft, T.; Roosen, A.
Journal Article
2015Three-dimensional shrinkage behavior of green tapes derived from spherical-shaped powders
Fu, Z.; Polfer, P.; Kraft, T.; Roosen, A.
Journal Article