Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2012Age-related changes in the elastic tissue of the human aorta
Fritze, O.; Romero, B.; Schleicher, M.; Jacob, M.P.; Oh, D.-Y.; Starcher, B.; Schenke-Layland, K.; Bujan, J.; Stock, U.A.
Journal Article
2012Ice-free cryopreservation of heart valve allografts: Better extracellular matrix preservation in vivo and preclinical results
Brockbank, K.G.M.; Schenke-Layland, K.; Greene, E.D.; Chen, Z.; Fritze, O.; Schleicher, M.; Kaulitz, R.; Riemann, I.; Fend, F.; Albes, J.M.; Stock, U.A.; Lisy, M.
Journal Article
2012Oligonucleotide and parylene surface coating of polystyrene and ePTFE for improved endothelial cell attachment and hemocompatibility
Schleicher, M.; Hansmann, J.; Elkin, B.; Kluger, P.J.; Liebscher, S.; Huber, A.J.T.; Fritze, O.; Schille, C.; Müller, M.; Schenke-Layland, K.; Seifert, M.; Walles, H.; Wendel, H.-P.; Stock, U.A.
Journal Article
2012Preclinical evaluation of ice-free cryopreserved arteries: Structural integrity and hemocompatibility
Huber, A.J.T.; Brockbank, K.G.M.; Riemann, I.; Schleicher, M.; Schenke-Layland, K.; Fritze, O.; Wendel, H.P.; Stock, U.A.
Journal Article
2010Facilitated non-invasive visualization of collagen and elastin in blood vessels
Fritze, O.; Schleicher, M.; König, K.; Schenke-Layland, K.; Stock, U.A.; Harasztosi, C.
Journal Article
2010Impact of heart valve decellularization on 3-D ultrastructure, immunogenicity and thrombogenicity
Zhou, J.; Fritze, O.; Schleicher, M.; Wendel, H.-P.; Schenke-Layland, K.; Harasztosi, C.; Hu, S.; Stock, U.A.
Journal Article
2010The performance of ice-free cryopreserved heart valve allografts in an orthotopic pulmonary sheep model
Lisy, M.; Pennecke, J.; Brockbank, K.G.M.; Fritze, O.; Schleicher, M.; Schenke-Layland, K.; Kaulitz, R.; Riemann, I.; Weber, C.N.; Braun, J.; Mueller, K.E.; Fend, F.; Scheunert, T.; Gruber, A.D.; Albes, J.M.; Huber, A.J.; Stock, U.A.
Journal Article
2010Simplified pulse reactor for real-time long-term in vitro testing of biological heart valves
Schleicher, M.; Sammler, G.; Schmauder, M.; Fritze, O.; Huber, A.J.; Schenke-Layland, K.; Ditze, G.; Stock, U.A.
Journal Article
2009In vivo tissue engineering of heart valves using DNA-aptamers as capture molecules for circulating endothelial progenitor cells
Schleicher, M.; Kluger, P.; Hansmann, J.; Mack, A.F.; Fritze, O.; Mertsching, H.; Wendel, H.-P.; Ziemer, G.; Stock, U.A.