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1999Mullite based oxidation protection for SiC-C/C composites in air at temperature up to 1900 K
Fritze, H.; Schnittker, A.; Borchardt, G.; Witke, T.; Schultrich, B.
Conference Paper
1997Mullite coatings on SiC and C/C-Si-SiC substrates characterized by infrared spectroscopy
Rüscher, C.H.; Fritze, H.; Borchardt, G.; Witke, T.; Schultrich, B.
Journal Article
1997Pulsed laser deposition of oxide films by multi-kilowatt CO2 lasers
Schultrich, B.; Lenk, A.; Witke, T.; Borchardt, G.; Fritze, H.
Journal Article