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2018"3rd Level" Solder Joint Reliability Investigations for Transfer of Consumer Electronics in Automotive Use
Dudek, R.; Hildebrandt, M.; Kreyßig, K.; Rzepka, S.; Döring, R.; Seiler, B.; Fries, T.; Zhang, M.; Ortmann, R.W.
Conference Paper
2018Combined simulation and optical measurement technique for investigation of system effects on components solder fatigue
Dudek, R.; Hildebrandt, M.; Rzepka, S.; Fries, T.; Döring, R.; Seiler, B.; Ortmann, R.W.
Journal Article
2018Warpage measurement on bonded wafers under thermal load
Tröger, B.; Wünsch, D.; Hildebrandt, M.; Taubert, P.; Gottfried, K.; Fries, T.
Conference Paper
2017Board level reliability assessment of consumer components for automotive use by simulation and sophisticated optical deformation analyses
Dudek, R.; Hildebrand, M.; Rzepka, S.; Beintner, J.; Döring, R.; Scheiter, L.; Seiler, B.; Fries, T.; Ortmann, R.W.
Conference Paper
2014Automated tool for measuring nanotopography of 300 mm wafers at early stages of wafer production
Tröger, B.; Mühlig, A.; Fries, T.; Bauer, S.; Wihr, H.; Riedel, F.; Lewke, D.; Schellenberger, M.
Conference Paper
2013Full wafer nanotopography analysis on rough surfaces using stitched white light interferometry images
Lewke, D.; Schellenberger, M.; Pfitzner, L.; Fries, T.; Tröger, B.; Muehlig, A.; Riedel, F.; Bauer, S.; Wihr, H.
Conference Paper
2007A novel conserved nuclear localization signal is recognized by a group of yeast importins
Fries, T.; Betz, C.; Sohn, K.; Caesar, S.; Schlenstedt, G.; Bailer, S.M.
Journal Article
1997PC-basiertes Robotersteuerungssystem mit generierten Systemkomponenten
Duelen, G.; Fries, T.; Foitzig, V.
Journal Article