Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Hybrid integration of scalable mechanical and magnetophoretic focusing for magnetic flow cytometry
Reisbeck, Mathias; Richter, Lukas; Helou, Michael Johannes; Arlinghaus, Stephan; Anton, Birgit; Dommelen, Ignas van; Nitzsche, Mario; Baßler, Michael; Kappes, Barbara; Friedrich, Oliver; Hayden, Oliver
Journal Article
2018Label-free, high-throughput detection of P. falciparum infection in sphered erythrocytes with digital holographic microscopy
Ugele, Matthias; Weniger, Markus; Leidenberger, Maria; Huang, Yiwei; Baßler, Michael; Friedrich, Oliver; Kappes, Barbara; Hayden, Oliver; Richter, Lukas
Journal Article
2018Nano- and micro-patterned S-, H- and X-PDMS for cell-based applications: Comparison of wettability, roughness and cell-derived parameters
Scharin-Mehlmann, Marina; Häring, Aaron; Rommel, Mathias; Dirnecker, Tobias; Friedrich, Oliver; Frey, Lothar; Gilbert, Daniel F.
Journal Article
2016Measuring average rheological quantities of cell monolayers in the linear viscoelastic regime
Dakhil, Haider; Gilbert, Daniel F.; Malhotra, Deepika; Limmer, Anja; Engelhardt, Hannes; Amtmann, Anette; Hansmann, Jan; Hübner, Holger; Buchholz, Rainer; Friedrich, Oliver; Wierschem, Andreas
Journal Article
2015Characterization and application of nano- and microstructured silicon-polymer-based surfaces for manipulation of cells
Scharin, Marina; Haering, Aaron; Gilbert, D.; Dirnecker, Tobias; Stumpf, Florian; Rommel, Mathias; Friedrich, Oliver; Frey, Lothar
2015Content protection in HTML5 TV platforms: Towards browser-agnostic DRM and cloud UI environments
Mikityuk, Alexandra; Pham, Stefan; Kaiser, Stefan; Friedrich, Oliver; Arbanowski, Stefan
Conference Paper