Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Synthesis and evaluation of the A-site deficient perovskite La0.65Sr0.3Cr0.85Ni0.15O3-δ as fuel electrode for high temperature co-electrolysis enhanced by in situ exsolution of ni nanoparticles
Amaya Dueñas, D.M.; Chen, G.; Weidenkaff, Anke; Sata, N.; Han, F.; Schiller, G.; Costa, R.; Friedrich, A.K.
Journal Article
2018Altered pancreatic islet morphology and function in SGLT1 knockout mice on a glucose-deficient, fat-enriched diet
Mühlemann, Markus; Zdzieblo, Daniela; Friedrich, Alexandra; Berger, Constantin; Otto, Christoph; Walles, Heike; Koepsell, Hermann; Metzger, Marco
Journal Article
2018Fuzzy-clustering of machine states for condition monitoring
Frieß, Uwe; Kolouch, Martin; Friedrich, Axel; Zander, Andreas
Journal Article
2017Enlarged islet size, altered insulin(+) and glucagon(+) cell frequencies and modified blood-values for GLP-1, insulin and glucagon in Sglt1 knockout mice
Muehlemann, M.; Zdzieblo, D.; Friedrich, A.; Hofmann, M.; Otto, C.; Koepsell, H.; Walles, H.; Metzger, M.
2017State-based and self-adapting Algorithm for Condition Monitoring
Putz, Matthias; Frieß, Uwe; Wabner, Markus; Friedrich, Axel; Zander, Andreas; Schlegel, Holger
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2016Cognitive radio prototype for industrial applications
Saad, Ahmad; Mansour, Nour; Friedrich, Andreas; Youssef, Ziad; Dahlhaus, Dirk; Sharma, Mridula; Al Halaseh, Rana; Majeed, Erfan; Kohrt, Klaus D.; Bruck, Guido; Knorr, Rudi; Jung, Peter
Conference Paper
2013Neue Batteriesysteme zwischen Forschung und Anwendung
Danzer, M.; Friedrich, A.; Vetter, M.; Hochloff, P.; Hoffmann, C.; Finsterbusch, M.; Hirnet, A.
Conference Paper
2013Staphylococcal disease in Africa: another neglected 'tropical' disease
Herrmann, M.; Abdullah, S.; Alabi, A.; Alonso, P.; Friedrich, A.W.; Fuhr, G.; Germann, A.; Kern, W.V.; Kremsner, P.G.; Mandomando, I.; Mellmann, A.C.; Pluschke, G.; Rieg, S.; Ruffing, U.; Schaumburg, F.; Tanner, M.; Peters, G.; Briesen, H. von; Eiff, C. von; Müller, L. von; Grobusch, M.P.
Journal Article
2010On the structural diversity of Shiga toxin glycosphingolipid receptors in lymphoid and myeloid cells determined by nanoelectrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry
Hoffmann, P.; Huelsewig, M.; Duvar, S.; Ziehr, H.; Mormann, M.; Peter-Katalinic, J.; Friedrich, A.W.; Karch, H.; Müthing, J.
Journal Article
2007Characterization of photosynthetically active duckweed (Wolffia australiana) in vitro culture by Respiration Activity Monitoring System (RAMOS)
Rechmann, H.; Friedrich, A.; Forouzan, D.; Barth, S.; Schnabl, H.; Biselli, M.; Boehm, R.
Journal Article
2000Polymeric aminomethylphosphonic acids - 2. polychelatogenes for separation of transition metal ions by membrane filtration
Riedelsberger, K.; Jaeger, W.; Friedrich, A.
Journal Article
1995Teilautonome Beschaffungsfraktale mit Anbindung an die Fertigungsstätten
Friedrich, A.; Ege, G.; Opitz, B.
Journal Article