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2019Investigating Water Vapour Sorption Kinetics of Aluminium MOFs by Powder X-ray Diffraction
Fröhlich, D.; Hügenell, P.; Reinsch, H.
Journal Article
2019A metal-organic framework for efficient water-based ultra-low-temperature-driven cooling
Lenzen, Dirk; Zhao, Jingjing; Ernst, Sebastian-Johannes; Wahiduzzaman, Mohammad; Inge, A. Ken; Fröhlich, Dominik; Xu, Hongyi; Bart, Hans-Jörg; Janiak, Christoph; Henninger, Stefan; Maurin, Guillaume; Zou, Xiaodong; Stock, Norbert
Journal Article
2019Water Vapor Single-Gas Selectivity via Flexibility of Three Potential Materials for Autonomous Indoor Humidity Control
Tsobnang, P.K.; Hastürk, E.; Fröhlich, D.; Wenger, E.; Durand, P.; Ngolui, L.J.; Lecomte, C.; Janiak, C.
Journal Article
2018Closed Adsorption Heat Storage - A Life Cycle Assessment on Material and Component Levels
Nienborg, B.; Helling, T.; Fröhlich, D.; Horn, R.; Munz, G.; Schossig, P.
Journal Article
2018Development and application of an exchange model for anisotropic water diffusion in the microporous MOF aluminum fumarate
Splith, T.; Fröhlich, D.; Henninger, S.K.; Stallmach, F.
Journal Article
2018Green synthesis of a new Al-MOF based on the aliphatic linker mesaconic acid: Structure, properties and in situ crystallisation studies of Al-MIL-68-Mes
Reinsch, H.; Homburg, T.; Heidenreich, N.; Fröhlich, D.; Henninger, S.; Wark, M.; Stock, N.
Journal Article
2018Life cycle assessment of innovative materials for thermal energy storage in buildings
Horn, Rafael; Burr, Matthias; Fröhlich, Dominik; Gschwander, Stefan; Held, Michael; Lindner, Jan Paul; Munz, Gunther; Nienborg, Björn; Schossig, Peter
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018Life Cycle Assessment of Thermal Energy Storage Materials and Components
Nienborg, B.; Gschwander, S.; Munz, G.; Fröhlich, D.; Helling, T.; Horn, R.; Weinläder, H.; Klinker, F.; Schossig, P.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018Optimisation of synthesis conditions for UiO-66-CO2H towards scale-up and its vapour sorption properties
Reinsch, H.; Fröhlich, D.; Waitschat, S.; Chavan, S.; Lillerud, K.; Henninger, S.; Stock, N.
Journal Article
2018Scalable green synthesis and full-scale test of the metal-organic framework CAU-10-H for use in adsorption-driven chillers
Lenzen, D.; Bendix, P.; Reinsch, H.; Fröhlich, D.; Kummer, H.; Möllers, M.; Hügenell, P.; Gläser, R.; Henninger, S.; Stock, N.
Journal Article
2018Synthesis of M-UiO-66 (M = Zr, Ce or Hf) employing 2,5-pyridinedicarboxylic acid as a linker: Defect chemistry, framework hydrophilisation and sorption properties
Waitschat, S.; Fröhlich, D.; Reinsch, H.; Terraschke, H.; Lomachenko, K.A.; Lamberti, C.; Kummer, H.; Helling, T.; Baumgartner, M.; Henninger, S.; Stock, N.
Journal Article
2017Adsorbentien für sorptionsgestützte Klimatisierung, Entfeuchtung und Wassergewinnung
Ernst, S.; Baumgartner, M.; Fröhlich, D.; Bart, H.; Henninger, S.
Journal Article
2017A functional full-scale heat exchanger coated with aluminum fumarate metal-organic framework for adsorption heat transformation
Kummer, H.; Jeremias, F.; Warlo, A.; Füldner, G.; Fröhlich, D.; Janiak, C.; Gläser, R.; Henninger, S.K.
Journal Article
2017Metal-organic frameworks for air conditioning
Ernst, S.; Morgenstern, A.; Fröhlich, D.; Hügenell, P.; Bart, H.; Henninger, S.
2017Molecular dynamics phenomena of water in the metalorganic framework MIL-100(Al), as revealed by pulsed field gradient NMR and atomistic simulation
Splith, T.; Pantatosaki, E.; Kolokathis, P.D.; Fröhlich, D.; Zhang, K.; Füldner, G.; Chmelik, C.; Jiang, J.; Henninger, S.K.; Stallmach, F.; Papadopoulos, G.K.
Journal Article
2017New materials for adsorption heat transformation and storage
Henninger, S.K.; Ernst, S.-J.; Gordeeva, L.; Bendix, P.; Fröhlich, D.; Grekova, A.D.; Bonaccorsi, L.; Aristov, Y.; Jaenchen, J.
Journal Article
2017Structural and stability investigations of metal-organic frameworks under humid conditions for heat transformation applications
Fröhlich, Dominik
: Henninger, Stefan (Betreuer); Janiak, Christoph (Referent)
2017Thermally driven refrigeration by methanol adsorption on coatings of HKUST-1 and MIL-101(Cr)
Kummer, H.; Baumgartner, M.; Hügenell, P.; Fröhlich, D.; Henninger, S.; Gläser, R.
Journal Article
2017Verfahren zur Herstellung von metallorganischen Gerüststrukturverbindungen
Fröhlich, Dominik; Holz, Albina; Henninger, Stefan; Stock, Norbert; Reinsch, Helge; Lenzen, Dirk
2016Water adsorption behaviour of CAU-10-H
Fröhlich, D.; Pantatosaki, E.; Kolokathis, P.D.; Markey, K.; Reinsch, H.; Baumgartner, M.; Veen, M.A. van der; Vos, D.E. de; Stock, N.; Papadopoulos, G.K.; Henninger, S.K.; Janiak, C.
Journal Article
2014Advancement of sorption-based heat transformation by a metal coating of highly-stable, hydrophilic aluminium fumarate MOF
Jeremias, F.; Fröhlich, D.; Janiak, C.; Henninger, S.K.
Journal Article
2014Multicycle water vapour stability of microporous breathing MOF aluminium isophthalate CAU-10-H
Fröhlich, D.; Henninger, S.K.; Janiak, C.
Journal Article
2014Water and methanol adsorption on MOFs for cycling heat transformation processes
Jeremias, F.; Fröhlich, D.; Janiak, C.; Henninger, S.K.
Journal Article
2011User-orientated subjective quality assessment in the case of simultaneous interpreters
Liebetrau, J.; Sporer, T.; Tosoratti, P.; Fröhlich, D.; Schneider, S.; Fischer, J.-O.
Conference Paper
2004Phase-resolved second-harmonic imaging with nonideal laser sources
Fiebig, M.; Lottermoser, T.; Fröhlich, D.; Kallenbach, S.
Journal Article
1982Investigation of mixed-mode polariton dispersion in AgGaS2.
Froehlich, D.; Reimann, K.; Kiodl, P.
Journal Article