Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Geographical print culture in the German-speaking territories, c.1690-c.1815
Fischer, L.; Withers, C.W.J.
Journal Article
2019Digital Business Model Patterns of Big Pharmaceutical Companies - A Cluster Analysis
Tangour, Cyrine; Gebauer, Marc; Fischer, Luise; Winkler, Herwig
Conference Paper
2019Opportunities and challenges of Higher Education institutions in Europe: An analysis from a business model perspective
Posselt, Thorsten; Abdelkafi, Nizar; Fischer, Luise; Tangour, Cyrine
Journal Article
2018Frugal innovation approaches to sustainable domestic energy
Busch, H.-C.; Dauth, T.; Fischer, L.; Souza, M.
Journal Article
2018Managing the Fuzzy Front End in Research Organizations
Pohle, Anna; Fischer, Luise
Conference Paper
2016Crystal Growth, Crystal Structure, Optical Properties, and Phase Transition of BaCaBO3F
Burianek, M.; Teck, M.; Niekamp, C.; Birkenstock, J.; Spieß, I.; Medenbach, O.; Fischer, L.A.; Wolff, P.E.; Neumann, J.; Fischer, R.X.
Journal Article
2015Area-selective epoxy coatings by DBD-PECVD in 3D cavities for protein coupling
Herrmann, A.; Lachmann, K.; Fischer, L.; Kovac, J.; Thomas, M.
Journal Article
2015Ontology-enabled access control and privacy recommendations
Heupel, M.; Fischer, L.; Bourimi, M.; Scerri, S.
Conference Paper
2012Context-aware, trust-based access control for the userware
Heupel, M.; Fischer, L.; Kesdogan, D.; Bourimi, M.; Scerri, S.; Hermann, F.; Giménez, R.
Conference Paper
2008Measuring unlinkability revisited
Fischer, L.; Katzenbeisser, S.; Eckert, C.
Conference Paper
2005Kontinuierliche Herstellung von Schleifleisten aus Kohlenstoff mit einem geringen Anteil an duennen metallischen Leitern
Vesper, W.; Fischer, L.; Lotze, G.; Kostmann, C.
2003Protecting integrity and secrecy of mobile agents on trusted and non-trusted agent places
Fischer, L.