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2017First measurements with NeXtRAD, a polarimetric X/L Band radar network
Alhuwaimel, S.; Coetzee, S.; Cheng, P.; Plessis, D. Du; Fioranelli, F.; Griffiths, H.; Inggs, M.R.; Jordan, D.; Miceli, W.; O'Hagan, D.; Palama, R.; Paine, S.; Ritchie, M.; Sandenbergh, J.S.; Stevens, A.
Conference Paper
2016Micro-Doppler based detection and tracking of UAVs with multistatic radar
Hoffmann, F.; Ritchie, M.; Fioranelli, F.; Charlish, A.; Griffiths, H.
Conference Paper
2015Through-the-wall detection with gated FMCW signals using optimized patch-like and Vivaldi antennas
Fioranelli, F.; Salous, S.; Ndip, I.; Raimundo, X.
Journal Article
2012Optmized patch-like antennas for through the wall radar imaging and preliminary results with frequency modulated interrupted continuous wave
Fioranelli, F.; Salous, S.; Ndip, I.
Conference Paper