Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Insights into real-world energy consumption of medium-duty electric vehicles
Stütz, Sebastian; Fink, Andreas; Taefi, Tessa T.
Conference Paper
2017Assessing the cost-optimal mileage of medium-duty electric vehicles with a numeric simulation approach
Taefi, Tessa T.; Stütz, Sebastian; Fink, Andreas
Journal Article
2017The reflecting brain: Reflection competence in an educational setting is associated with increased electroencephalogram activity in the alpha band
Rominger, Christian; Reitinger, Johannes; Seyfried, Clemens; Schneckenleitner, Eva; Fink, Andreas
Journal Article
2008Embedded system for mobile acquisition of emotion-related physiological data
Beikirch, Helmut; Peter, Christian; Fink, Andreas; Spies, Stephan
Conference Paper
2008Funkgestütztes mobiles Low-Power-Sensornetzwerk zur Erfassung physiologischer Signale
Beikirch, Helmut; Fink, Andreas; Peter, Christian
Conference Paper