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2016A novel approach for targeted elimination of CSPG4-positive triple-negative breast cancer cells using a MAP tau-based fusion protein
Amoury, M.; Mladenov, R.; Nachreiner, T.; Pham, A.-T.; Hristodorov, D.; Di Fiore, S.; Helfrich, W.; Pardo, A.; Fey, G.; Schwenkert, M.; Thepen, T.; Kiessling, F.; Hussain, A.F.; Fischer, R.; Kolberg, K.; Barth, S.
Journal Article
2014A CSPG4-specific immunotoxin kills rhabdomyosarcoma cells and binds to primary tumor tissues
Brehm, H.; Niesen, J.; Mladenov, R.; Stein, C.; Pardo, A.; Fey, G.; Helfrich, W.; Fischer, R.; Gattenlöhner, S.; Barth, S.
Journal Article
2014Optimization of highly specific SNAP-tag labeled antibody fragments and cytolytic fusion proteins for diagnosis and targeted therapy of hematopoietic malignancies
Blume, T.; Fitting, J.; Stein, C.; Helfrich, W.; Fey, G.; Barth, S.
2008Effiziente automatische Generierung von Assertions für industrielle Hardware-Designs
Rogin, F.; Klotz, T.; Rülke, S.; Fey, G.; Drechsler, R.
Conference Paper