Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019The Development of Resilience Management Guidelines to Protect Critical Infrastructures in Europe
Save, Luca; Branlat, Matthieu; Hynes, William; Bellini, Emanuele; Ferreira, Pedro; Leuteritz, Jan-Paul; Gonzalez, Jose J.
Conference Paper
2019An experimental and theoretical study on the crystal structure and elastic properties of Ta 1-xOx coatings
Almeida Alves, C.F.; Marques, Luís Silvino Alves; Calderon, S.V.; Ferreira, Paulo J.; Schneider, Dieter; Cavaleiro, Albano J.; Carvalho, S.
Journal Article
2019Integrated design environment for reusable modular assembly systems
Ferreira, P.; Anandan, P.D.; Pereira, I.; Hiwarkar, V.; Sayed, M.; Lohse, N.; Aguiar, S.; Gonçalves, G.; Gonçalves, J.; Bottinger, F.
Journal Article
2015Perfektes Stammdatenmanagement für Materialien in der Industrie. Gute Stammdaten: Die Grundlage für verbesserte Prozesse
Schweiger, Björn; Ferreira, Paulo
2013Surface grafting of carboxylic groups onto thermoplastic polyurethanes to reduce cell adhesion
Alves, P.; Ferreira, P.; Kaiser, J.-P.; Salk, N.; Bruinink, A.; Sousa, H.C. de; Gil, M.H.
Journal Article
2012Analysis of grain structure by precession electron diffraction and effects on electromigration reliability of Cu interconnects
Cao, L.; Ganesh, K.J.; Zhang, L.; Aubel, O.; Hennesthal, C.; Zschech, E.; Ferreira, P.J.; Ho, P.S.
Conference Paper