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2020Characterization of aluminum alloy microstructures by means of synchrotron X-ray micro-tomography - a simple toolchain for extracting quantitative 3D morphological features
Zabler, S.; Ullherr, M.; Schweizer, C.; Fella, C.; Hanke, R.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2020X-Ray Imaging and Computed Tomography for Engineering Applications
Zabler, Simon; Maisl, Michael; Hornberger, Peter; Hiller, Jochen; Fella, Christian; Hanke, Randolf
Journal Article
2018Using measurements of the spatial SNR to optimize phase contrast X-ray imaging
Ullherr, M.; Balles, A.; Fella, C.; Zabler, S.
Journal Article
2017Hybrid setup for micro- and nano-computed tomography in the hard X-ray range
Fella, C.; Balles, A.; Hanke, R.; Last, A.; Zabler, S.
Journal Article
2017Quantitative phase contrast and X-ray scattering micro-tomography with the 9.2 keV liquid metal jet anode
Balles, A.; Dittmann, J.; Fella, C.; Hanke, R.; Zabler, S.
Conference Paper
2016Laboratory source based full-field x-ray microscopy at 9 keV
Fella, C.; Balles, A.; Wiest, W.; Zabler, S.; Hanke, R.
Conference Paper
2016Propagator based formalism for optimizing in-line phase contrast imaging in laboratory X-ray setups
Balles, A.; Zabler, S.; Ebensperger, T.; Fella, C.; Hanke, R.
Journal Article
2016X-ray grating interferometry for 9.25 keV design energy at a liquid-metal-jet source
Balles, A.; Fella, C.; Dittmann, J.; Wiest, W.; Zabler, S.; Hanke, R.
Conference Paper
2015In situ microradioscopy and microtomography of fatigue-loaded dental two-piece implants
Wiest, Wolfram; Zabler, Simon; Rack, Alexander; Fella, Christian; Balles, Andreas; Nelson, Katja; Schmelzeisen, Rainer; Hanke, Randolf
Journal Article
2015Laboratory x-ray microscopy on high brilliance sources equipped with waveguides
Fella, C.; Balles, A.; Zabler, S.; Hanke, R.; Tjeung, R.; Nguyen, S.; Pelliccia, D.
Journal Article
2012High-resolution and high-speed CT in industry and research
Zabler, S.; Fella, C.; Dietrich, A.; Nachtrab, F.; Salamon, M.; Voland, V.; Ebensperger, T.; Oeckl, S.; Hanke, R.; Uhlmann, N.
Conference Paper