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2016Comparison of a sensorized garment and activity trackers with a mobile ergospirometry system concerning energy expenditure
Feilner, Sven; Huber, Andreas; Sauter, Christian; Weishäupl, Dirk; Hettchen, Michael; Kemmler, Wolfgang; Weigand, Christian; Hofmann, Christian
Conference Paper
2016Cor/log BAN BT a wearable battery powered mHealth data logger and telemetry unit for multiple vital sign monitoring
Hilbel, T.; Feilner, S.; Struck, M.; Hofmann, C.; Heinig, A.; Katus, H.A.
Conference Paper
2015Filter and processing method to improve R-peak detection for ECG data with motion artefacts from wearable systems
Lang, N.R.; Brischwein, M.; Haßlmeyer, E.; Tantinger, D.; Feilner, S.; Heinrich, A.; Leutheuser, H.; Gradl, S.; Weigand, C.; Eskofier, B.; Struck, M.
Conference Paper
2012Development of a socio-technical system for an age-appropriate domestic environment
Tantinger, Daniel; Feilner, Sven; Struck, Matthias; Weigand, Christian
Conference Paper
2012Evaluation of QRS detection algorithm implemented for mobile applications based on ECG data acquired from sensorized garments
Tantinger, D.; Feilner, S.; Schmitz, D.; Weigand, C.; Hofmann, C.; Struck, M.
Conference Paper
2011Motion sensing: From single sensors to sensor networks
Rulsch, Martin; Arzt, Christian; Feilner, Sven; Jablonski, Simon; Struck, Matthias; Zhong, Jinghua; Tantinger, Daniel; Hofmann, Christian; Weigand, Christian
Book Article
2007A fall detection system based on a wireless Zigbee sensor network
Hofmann, C.; Feilner, S.
Conference Paper