Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Binding of nanoparticles to aminated plasma polymer surfaces is controlled by primary amine density and solution pH
Taheri, Shima; Ruiz, Juan-Carlos; Michelmore, Andrew; Macgregor, Melanie; Förch, Renate; Majewski, Peter; Vasilev, Krasimir
Journal Article
2016Inhomogeneous growth of micrometer thick plasma polymerized films
Akhavan, Behnam; Menges, Bernhard; Förch, Renate
Journal Article
2015The effect of extracellular matrix proteins on the cellular response of HUVECS and HOBS after covalent immobilization onto titanium
Heller, Martin; Kämmerer, Peer W.; Al-Nawas, Bilal; Luszpinski, Marie-Anne; Förch, Renate; Brieger, Jürgen
Journal Article
2015Surface plasmon-based techniques for the analysis of plasma deposited functional films and surfaces
Chu, Li-Quiang; Zhang, Qian; Förch, Renate
Journal Article
2014Antimicrobial bioactive polymer coatings
Förch, Renate; Duque, Luis; Lotz, Alexander
Book Article
2014PPaP: Past, Present and Perspectives
d'Agostino, Riccardo; Favia, Pietro; Oehr, Christian; Wertheimer, Michael R.; Förch, Renate
Journal Article
2014Synthesis and surface immobilization of antibacterial hybrid silver-poly(l-lactide) nanoparticles
Taheri, Shima; Baier, Grit; Majewski, Peter; Barton, Mary; Förch, Renate; Landfester, Katharina; Vasilev, Krasimir
Journal Article
2013Comparison of extracellular matrix proteins on the cellular response after covalent immobilization onto titanium using plasma polymerized allylamine
Heller, M.; Kämmerer, P.W.; Brieger, J.; Al-Nawas, B.; Förch, Renate
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2013Pathophysiologie der fibrösen Abkapselung epibulbärer Glaukom-Drainage-Implantate
Choritz, L.; Wegner, Maria; Förch, Renate; Jonas, Ulrich; Thieme, H.
Journal Article