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2018Density based clustering for downlink user grouping in FDD massive MIMO
Grassi, A.; Kurras, M.; Piro, G.; Boggia, G.; Faehse, S.; Thiele, L.
Conference Paper
2018On Power Allocation and User Grouping for Sparse Coded Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in the Downlink
Dommel, J.; Fähse, S.; Thiele, L.
Conference Paper
2018Subcode-Based Early HARQ for 5G
Göktepe, B.; Fähse, S.; Thiele, L.; Schierl, T.; Hellge, C.
Conference Paper
2015Density based user clustering for wireless massive connectivity enabling internet of things
Kurras, M.; Fähse, S.; Thiele, L.
Conference Paper
2015Interference-floor shaping for liquid coverage zones in coordinated 5G networks
Thiele, L.; Kurras, M.; Jaeckel, S.; Fähse, S.; Zirwas, W.
Conference Paper