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2021Multilayer Blade-Coating Fabrication of Methylammonium-Free Perovskite Photovoltaic Modules with 66 cm2 Active Area
Ernst, M.; Herterich, J.-P.; Margenfeld, C.; Kohlstädt, M.; Würfel, U.
Journal Article
2019Design und Materialcharakterisierung poröser Transportschichten für die PEM-Wasserelektrolyse
Ernst, Matthias
: Tübke, Jens; Baumann, Nils (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2018Implications of laser-doping parameters and contact opening size on contact resistivity
Huyeng, J.D.; Ernst, M.; Fong, K.C.; Walter, D.; Blakers, A.
Conference Paper
2018Unravelling the Origins of Contact Recombination for Localized Laser-Doped Contacts
Ernst, M.; Huyeng, J.D.; Walter, D.; Fong, K.C.; Blakers, A.
Conference Paper
2017Characterization of Recombination Properties and Contact Resistivity of Laser-Processed Localized Contacts From Doped Silicon Nanoparticle Ink and Spin-On Dopants
Ernst, M.; Fell, A.; Franklin, E.; Weber, K.J.
Journal Article
2017Fabrication of a 22.8% efficient back contact solar cell with localized laser-doping
Ernst, M.; Franklin, E.; Fell, A.; Fong, K.; Walter, D.; Wang, E.-C.; Kho, T.; Blakers, A.
Journal Article
2016Efficiency potential of P-type Al2O3/SiNx passivated PERC solar cells with locally laser-doped rear contacts
Ernst, M.; Walter, D.; Fell, A.; Lim, B.; Weber, K.
Journal Article
2016Improving the sustainability of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME - Biodiesel) - assessment of options for industry and agriculture
Jungmeier, Gerfried; Pucker, Johanna; Ernst, M.; Haselbacher, P.; Lesschen, Jan Peter; Kraft, Axel; Schulzke, Tim; Loo, Eibertus Nicolaas van
Conference Paper
2011Surface passivation of black silicon by thermal ALD deposited aluminum oxide
Otto, M.; Kroll, M.; Käsebier, T.; Ernst, M.; Salzer, R.; Wehrspohn, R.B.
Conference Paper
1995Motion/disparity analysis and image synthesis for 3DTV
Izquierdo, E.; Ernst, M.
Conference Paper
1993Advanced motion estimation for standards conversion and slow motion
Ernst, M.; Grasse, M.; Hohne, H.D.; Dalstein, T.
Conference Paper
1993System Considerations and the System Level Design of a Chip Set for Real-Time TV and HDTV Motion Estimation
Reventlow, C.V.; Talmi, M.; Wolf, S.; Ernst, M.; Müller, K.; Stoffers, C.
Journal Article
1992Motion compensated interpolation for advanced standards conversion and noise reduction
Ernst, M.
Conference Paper
1990A universal standards converter concept for HDTV applications
Ernst, M.; Reuter, T.
Conference Paper