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2014In-situ characterization of microelectronic systems using 2D digital image correlation and 3D digital volume correlation of X-ray microtomography images
Seiler, B.; Haase, S.; Noack, E.; Erb, R.; Scheiter, L.
Book Article
2014Untersuchung des Risswachstums in 3D - Verformungsmessung mittels Röntgenmikrotomographie
Zeismann, F.; Bode, B.; Motoyashiki-Besel, Y.; Brueckner-Foit, A.; Tomizato, F.; Kobayashi, M.; Toda, H.; Uesugi, K.; Takeuchi, A.; Suzuki, Y.; Haase, S.; Erb, R.; Seiler, B.; Dost, M.
Conference Paper
2011Three-dimensional deformation analysis of MEMS/NEMS by means of X-ray computer-tomography
Hammacher, J.; Dost, M.; Faust, W.; Scheiter, L.; Erb, R.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper
2005Digital image correlation - a versatile experimental tool to improve reliability, security and lifetime
Dost, M.; Seiler, B.; Erb, R.; Michel, B.
2003How to detect Edgar Allan Poe's 'purloined letter' - Or: Cross correlation algorithms in digitised video images for object identification, movement evaluation and deformation analysis
Dost, M.; Vogel, D.; Winkler, T.; Vogel, J.; Erb, R.; Kieselstein, E.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper
2002Ökotoxikologische Testbatterien
: Hund-Rinke, K.; Kördel, W.; Heiden, S.; Erb, R.
2000UNIDAC: Cross correlation based deformation analysis at digitised micrographs to study material behaviour and parameters in MST
Dost, M.; Kieselstein, E.; Erb, R.; Seiler, B.; Vogel, J.; Bombach, C.; Großer, V.; Vogel, D.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper
1999Correlation analysis at grey scale patterns in an in-situ measuring module for microsystem technology
Dost, M.; Rümmler, N.; Kieselstein, E.; Erb, R.; Hillmann, V.; Großer, V.
Book Article
1997New maximum UV irradiance levels observed in Central Europe
Seckmeyer, G.; Mayer, B.; Bernhard, G.; Erb, R.; Albold, A.; Jäger, H.; Stockwell, W.R.
Journal Article
1996High-accuracy spectroradiometry of solar ultraviolet radiation
Seckmeyer, G.; Bernhard, G.; Mayer, B.; Erb, R.
Journal Article
1996Measurements of spectral solar ultraviolet radiation on top of the Zugspitze (2964 m a.s.l.)
Erb, R.
1996Transmittance of a cloud is wavelength-dependent in the UV-range
Seckmeyer, G.; Albold, A.; Erb, R.
Journal Article
1996UV-monitoring in Germany. Past, present and future
Seckmeyer, G.; Mayer, B.; Bernhard, G.; Erb, R.
Book Article
1994UV-B in Germany higher in 1993 than in 1992
Seckmeyer, G.; Mayer, B.; Erb, R.; Bernhard, G.
Journal Article
1993First southern hemisphere intercomparison of measured solar UV spectra
McKenzie, R.L.; Kotkamp, M.; Seckmeyer, G.; Erb, R.; Roy, C.R.; Gies, H.P.; Toomey, S.J.
Journal Article