Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Localizing bicoherence from EEG and MEG
Shahbazi Avarvand, F.; Bartz, S.; Andreou, C.; Samek, W.; Leicht, G.; Mulert, C.; Engel, A.K.; Nolte, G.
Journal Article
2015A heterogeneous system architecture for low-power wireless sensor nodes in compute-intensive distributed applications
Engel, A.; Koch, A.; Siebel, T.
Conference Paper
2014Hardware-accelerated wireless sensor network for distributed structural health monitoring
Engel, A.; Friedmann, Andreas; Koch, Thorsten; Rohlfing, Jens; Siebel, Thomas; Mayer, Dirk
Conference Paper
2011Comparison of intracellular accumulation and cytotoxicity of free mTHPC and mTHPC-loaded PLGA nanoparticles in human colon carcinoma cells
Löw, K.; Knobloch, T.; Wagner, S.; Wiehe, A.; Engel, A.; Langer, K.; Briesen, H.V.
Journal Article
2008Sm-activated barium halide nanocrystals in fluorozirconate glasses
Ahrens, B.; Selling, J.; Eisenschmidt, C.; Engel, A.; Schweizer, S.
Journal Article
2001Determination of the morphology of HMX-phases by computer simulation
Thome, V.; Engel, A.; Herrmann, M.; Kempa, P.B.; Engel, W.
Conference Paper
2001GHOST - A novel airborne gas chromatograph for in situ measurements of long-lived tracers in the lower stratosphere: method and applications
Bujok, O.; Tan, V.; Klein, E.; Nopper, R.; Bauer, R.; Engel, A.; Gerhards, M.-T.; Afchine, A.; McKenna, D.S.; Schmidt, U.; Wienhold, F.G.; Fischer, H.
Journal Article
2000KeV ion beam generation from Z-pinches produced in plasma focus like geometry
Engel, A.; Choi, P.; Koshelev, K.N.; Lebert, R.
Journal Article
2000Verfahren zur Erzeugung von Ultraviolettstrahlung
Lebert, R.; Neff, W.; Engel, A.; Bergmann, K.
1998Laser-produced lithium plasma as a narrow-band extended ultraviolet radiation source for photoelectron spectroscopy
Schriever, G.; Mager, S.; Naweed, A.; Engel, A.; Bergmann, K.; Lebert, R.
Journal Article
1997Compact plasma focus devices: Flexible laboratory sources for applications
Lebert, R.; Engel, A.; Bergmann, K.; Treichel, O.; Gavrilescu, C.; Neff, W.
Conference Paper
1997Interaction of plasma jets produced from pinch plasma with neutral atoms in order to achieve an effective charge exchange table top X-laser
Engel, A.; Lebert, R.; Koshelev, K.N.; Sidelnikov, Y.V.; Churilov, S.S.; Gavrilescu, C.; Neff, W.
Conference Paper
1997Spectroscopic investigation of highly transient pinch plasmas
Bergmann, K.; Rosmej, O.N.; Rosmej, F.B.; Engel, A.; Gavrilescu, C.; Neff, W.; Lebert, R.
Journal Article
1997Transition from column to micropinch regime in z-pinches
Engel, A.; Lebert, R.; Koshelev, K.N.; Sidelnikov, Y.V.; Gavrilescu, C.; Neff, W.
Conference Paper
1996Pinch plasmas as intensive EUV sources for laboratory applications
Lebert, R.; Rothweiler, D.; Engel, A.; Bergmann, K.; Neff, W.
Journal Article
1996POLIWORK - Telekooperation und Dokumentenverwaltung am persönlichen Arbeitsplatz
Beyer, M.; Bär, U.; Seibt, D.; Schmitt, L.; Neuhold, E.J.; Knopik, T.; Engel, A.
Conference Paper
1995Investigations on the transition between column and micropinch mode of plasma focus operation
Lebert, R.; Engel, A.
Journal Article
1994Investigations on the transition between colomn and micropinch mode of plasma focus operation
Lebert, R.; Engel, A.; Gäbel, K.; Rothweiler, D.; Förster, E.; Neff, W.
Conference Paper
1993Time evolution of the x-ray emission from a micropinch in a vacuum spark discharge
Hebach, M.; Engel, A.; Schulz, A.; Lebert, R.; Kunze, H.-J.
Journal Article