Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018A cloud-based architecture for an interoperable, resilient, and scalable C2 information system
Bau, Nico; Endres, Sven; Gerz, Michael; Gökgöz, Fahrettin
Conference Paper
2018A New Perspective at the Ship-Air-Sea-Interface
Endres, S.; Maes, F.; Hopkins, F.; Houghton, K.; Mårtensson, E.M.; Oeffner, J.; Quack, B.; Singh, P.; Turner, D.
Journal Article
2018A newsfeed for C2 situational awareness
Schmitz, Hans-Christian; Bau, Nico; Endres, Sven; Gerz, Michael; Käthner, Sylvia; Mück, Daniel
Conference Paper
20176 kW bidirectional, insulated on-board charger with normally-off GaN gate injection transistors
Endres, S.; Sessler, C.; Zeltner, S.; Eckardt, B.; Morita, T.
Conference Paper
2017Mechatronic design of 2 kW SiC DC/AC converter with 200 W/inch
Menrath, T.; Endres, S.; Zeltner, S.; Matlok, S.; Eckardt, B.
Conference Paper
2017A new perspective at the ship-air-sea-interface
Endres, Sonja; Hopkins, Frances E.; Houghton, Katherine; Mårtensson, Monica; Oeffner, Johannes; Quack, Birgit; Singh, Pradeep; Maes, Frank
2016Estimation of the excitation current and the rotor resistance of an externally excited synchronous machine with an inductively supplied excitation coil
Köhler, S.; Wagner, B.; Endres, S.
Conference Paper
2015A 3.7 kW on-board charger based on modular circuit design
Schmenger, J.; Zeltner, S.; Kramer, R.; Endres, S.; März, M.
Conference Paper
2015DC micro grid control system based on intelligent power units
Endres, S.; Zeltner, S.; Schmenger, J.
Conference Paper
2014A 22 kW on-board charger for automotive applications based on a modular design
Schmenger, J.; Endres, S.; Zeltner, S.; März, M.
Conference Paper
2014Leistungselektronische Schaltung und System mit derselben
Zeltner, Stefan; Endres, Stefan
2014Power electronics for smart micro and nano grids controlled by a novel two-wire interface with integrated power and signal transfer
Zeltner, S.; Endres, S.
Conference Paper